Victork2 and his ultimate folly


A few weeks ago, I mentioned on here that i was building a weapon of an Escort van and that I’d start a build thread to keep you all updated.

Well, something came up. I had a guy spraying the van who had been bugging the hell out of me to sell it to him. This particular vehicle was on my radar and the opportunity came up to buy it before anyone else.

The seller had another, I nearly bought it but was sniped at the last second (fair and square) by someone who had the money ready to go. Annoyingly, he immediately put it up for sale for 8.k over the price he paid and advertised it extremely efficiently.

I contacted the original seller as he was a friendly guy and asked what the crack was.

He informed me that yes, its the same vehicle, yes the guy bought it and didnt tell him it was going to be flipped, but that he paid his money and its his to do as he pleases which is absolutely correct, if a little annoying for me.

The chatter continues, the now famous words are uttered. In hushed tones.


A better one, one that was to be kept for himself and that he would sell to me if he had first refusal to buy it back. Rough round the edges, but better.

2k cheaper.

I ended the call. Called my wife. Listened to the eyerolling (yep, audible eye rolling) and got the “fine, do what you want as long as i get a new kitchen” that i was after.

Spoke to my son, 6, who very nearly popped.

Phoned the sprayer, agreed to sell the van, and install all the trick rear steering bits for him and actually made a profit on the thing somehow, he was so excited to own it that I think he may have forgot to haggle.

Deal done, deposit sent for new acquisition.

I’ve been desperately trying not to say anything in case it falls through and I look silly but i can’t contain it any more. The pictures came through last night. Its registered. Its being MOT tested today and serviced next week. We SHOULD be expecting delivery on the 27th but we are visiting next weekend to see in the flesh and finalise the deal.

I’m 99% sure its going to happen. All the pieces are in place and I’m ready to share the next journey. This is for me and my boy to do up together and take to shows and giggle at all summer.

Its loud, stupid, uncomfortable and hugely utterly impracticable and fairly useless. But as cool as hell.

I bought a USMC Hmmwv.

My own humvee.

My gramp passed away a few days ago, its been a pain in the ass. But good things are on the horizon.

I’ve wanted a humvee since i was a child. Lets do this.


sorry to hear about your loss, but that humvee is looking sweet :grinning:


Ho…ly…smokes! That is cool as all fudge. (Practicing my Ted Lasso language skills today)

Congratulations @Victork2 (and son)!


All the best my friend.
That beast will paint a big wide smile on your face alright.


I cannot say it any better.


We expect to see dirty pictures soon.

Edit: this thread reminds me of the first 5 seconds of this scene: Kung Pow chest message scene - YouTube



I’ve been in one of those things when the Lance Coconut next to me felt the need to prove that we could climb the unclimbable hill.

You’re going to have fun!


And back ache

And bruised knuckles from fixing the unreliable thing constantly. Probably smiling from ear to ear


That is beyond awesome. Look at the exhaust on that fokker! Hahaha!

A truly outrageous project would be to electrify the thing, make it battery powered. How many gallons to the mile does it get?


Some. Some. It will make the hilux look positively economical

There is just such the project on YouTube, the guy is great to watch. But I’m completely clueless with that sort of thing. Duramax engine swap though…

I’m already eyeing up a 4 man kit for it being sold. Hard roof, 4 solid doors, possibly a slant back like classic “movie army hummer” but depend on availability and price, might make my own.

Gonna run it as is this year, dress the boy in camouflage and do some camping at some military shows.


Sesame Street Fainting GIF


Mounted nerf chaingun.


Be sure to hide crayons in random places as a hint to its service history.


A Marine never leaves a crayon behind! :wink:


A marine finding a crayon in their Humvee is like a normal person finding an old french fry in their sedan.


If you find yourself excited by french fries in your car, maybe you might rethink your definition of “normal”.


Said the ex-marine(1) while looking contently at the rainbow box of crayons on his desk. Fresh. Glorious. King size crayons.


(1) If course no marine ever is truly ex. Semper fi and things, right?


Sorry to hear about your Gramp, chin up mate.

You and Obi are going to have sooo much fun in that thing :smiley:

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There is no such thing as an ex-Marine.

And I’ll let let the Corps’ achievements stand on their own merits…predilection for Ultraviolent and Burnt Hombre notwithstanding, of course. :rofl:


Those aren’t the words I’d have used, but I’m a rude Yank. :wink:
Dude, congrats on the new toy. You’re going to have fun.