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Fighter Pilot Podcast Tomcat




Crash Laobi 1 minute startup video: Turning you cat on



This video TOTALLY brought me back to the first time I saw Top Gun as a kid and just sat in the theater in awe with goosebumps. Say what you will about volleyball scenes and cheesy one-liners, I LOVED that film for the true star which was the Tomcat.


Part 2 is up but I didn’t notice :slight_smile:


This is interesting explaining the cockpit layout and what stuff does


So that was interesting where when his RIO spawned into the rear cockpit, the guy told the pilot to look back and the RIO must have been leaning right and nodding his head up and down. Very cool animations for the pilot figures.


Anyone know why my wings don’t move when in the auto position from a hot air start?


Perhaps a punch to the reset button is in order?