Anyone want to do some viggen training? This thing is a lot of fun to land (I’m in love with the reverser), but I’m absolutely lost on employing weapons. Or if you just want to fly with someone and learn as we go, hit me up.

killed a couple ships in multiplayer tonight, pretty fun strike craft. Still totally lost on programming waypoints/targets. Its about 10x more complex than the A10 CDU, or so it seems right now. The anti ship missles are really easy to use.

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Wait till you have a go with the cluster glide bomb bk90 thing… That is awesome …but at the moment only works single player:slightly_smiling_face:

Argh, this is another one that’s on the list for me…

Yeah, me too. Along with learning ground attack in the Sabre, MiG-15, L-39, Mirage 2k (properly) and desperately still trying to actually hit the target in the F-5E!

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If y’all want to get on and mess around with it hit me up.

Always happy for some swedish lurve. Diggin’ the Viggen

we might be able to get a full squadron ship attack mission :grin:

ill be on tonight if yall want to get it going. I have a dedicated box, or we can just jump in a multiplayer server. Through the Inferno has like 8 viggen slots, and the capability to spawn anti ship missions. Plus SRS.

Ha, nice one - I’m just off to bed! But I’ll be wreaking havoc with my Vixen in my dreams…

Foxy :blush:

I love the Viggen too, although I haven’t delved too deeply into the weapons systems to be honest. So many modules, so little free time :wink: .

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Hmmmm I am leaning towards this nttr and the A10 or the sabre. I suck at flying and have not touched Dcs in forever plus need to set up hotas… Maybe tonight. Likely tomorrow if at all.

Assuming I buy anything.


It’s a pretty decent discount this time, so strike while the iron is hot :wink: . Especially now that you can’t pick up modules second hand. I got quite a few that way.

If you get the A10 you won’t be disappointed. Has a lot of different weapons to employ and some cool systems. NTTR is awesome as well, but the current evolution of 2.0 can be frustrating. Will be badass when they get it stable, have F5 vs f14 epic dogfight action.

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So this happened…

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Picked up the A10C and Viggen. Now to find time to install and start learning the beasts.


Let me know if you want a wingman. I’m really solid in the A10, still learning viggen though.

Oh believe, when I have the time I’ll be happy to have an instructor :slight_smile:

That’s normal- that’s the Oil Slick dispenser doing it’s job. Very useful for close-range dogfighting defensive moves.

That’s the SH37 Viggen, the Spy Hunter variant, also deploys tacks and smoke screens to dissuade close pursuers.