Visual Jokes or Intensity











Maybe it’s me but I was in stitches.
Minor Resident Evil 2 spoilers.

Other stuff of the same guy…



Damn. Has it been that long?


This is literally my generation- it came out a month before I graduated high school.


I’m only a few years behind you and my sister is closer still.

Conversely, this year will also mark 20 years since Futurama.


Huh? Who are those people? The redhead is hot :dog:


Many of my colleagues are ~5-10 years younger than myself and Futurama jokes tend to inspire facial expressions in them like a deer that is about to be hit by a truck. It drives me insane…

How can anyone with an ounce of self respect work in IT and not know Futurama?


Interesting…our college favorites were films that had come out way before…“the Shack”, “the House” and “the Saddles”…with 16 Candles as a runner up.


Alyson Hannigan still is pretty hot now, 20 years later.

And yeah, I think I was actually in the cinema when the movie was in German theaters in 2000 (which says a lot since I don’t go to the cinema often). It was my last year in what is the equivalent for a High School here.


It may sound weird but I think I have seen a total of… three or so episodes of Futurama.
I just don’t really enjoy it.
Same goes for Simpsons btw although I know a lot more episodes of those.