Visual Jokes or Intensity


And for everyone’s Creepy Tuesday


You Germans don’t make it easy on us to like you. :wink::grinning:


I’ve got that beat. I’ve probably seen half an episode. Max.



And for Twisty Wednsday…


For everyone who has kids that LOVE Disney’s Frozen:


SchneePanzer FTW!


You know the innernetz has hopelessly ruined you when that brings this to mind…


The detailing on that panzer is just eerie combined with the lolli waifus sticking out of it.


Well, believe it or not it was created in collaboration with the creators of World of Tanks.
All together makes quite obvious the target demographics…


…wait, this is a thing? What is wrong with people? I’m still confused by the world of warships anime stuff.





It most definately is.


You take the blue pill: the nightmare dream ends, you wake up, you believe that the internet is a good, innocent thing, storing vast amounts of combined human knowledge for the greater good and advancement of all mankind.

You take the red pill: the dream continues, I show you the darkest abyss of the innernetz, and you find out just how perverted strange the human creature truly is.

Remember: I am only offering you the truth. Nothing more. Choose wisely.


They have the facial proportions of 2-year-olds. I know because my daughter is two and looks just like that.


It’s called “chibi” (small) characters, usually used in simplistic/comedic Japanese animation, though it’s spread a bit outside of Japan. Example:

It’s used for rule of funny and/or ease, as it’s a lot easier to draw.


You know what, F it, I’ll take the blue pill. (did you know CMANO used to be called Red Pill long before it was released? Right @Dimitris? )



@schurem Yes.