Visual Jokes or Intensity


You know why that red pill/blue pill image hurts me so much?

Because it reminds me how much I loved the First Matrix when I saw it at the movies- and how badly the sequels sucked balls.


Indeed. At the same time, it’s interesting to see how The Matrix might’ve turned out had they gone with much of the original plan. Some was probably too ambitious, but other bits were clear cases of executive meddling.


Apparently you’ve never heard of the Reddit thing, I take it? You’re lucky.


:slight_smile: Apparently



I don’t scare easily, and I like things that are red. Let’s jump down this hole head first.


Despite common belief and perceptions of me, I do, in fact, value my membership on this site.



This is a girl who practices whoopazz.


So a Lee but not a Sherman?

(I am so unhappy with myself for even thinking that much about it)

Edit: Wait is that a Sherman in the front row? (Worry about myself intensifies)


Well, we’re waiting.


Sherman, Lee and Grant.

You asked for it, desu~


And now for something different…







Mudspike Country Club Caddyshack when?


There is nothing so infectious as contagious laughter

Some swearies probably, please dont watch if that offends :slight_smile:

  • Only intelligent species can tell jokes and laugh to jokes.
  • Fart jokes must be the oldest ones known to mankind.

-> So I think all we have achieved during the course of our evolution has only been possible because we fart. It‘s the primer of our intellect.

Just in case you ever wondered what it‘s good for.


I’m literally in tears! :rofl::joy: