Visual Jokes or Intensity


I believe that last one is an NC State Trooper, based on the paint job on the Charger. Love how the rider gestures to the Trooper and applauds him when justice happens.



Mr Il-76 does not take kindly to your shenannigans mister!



Here’s some serious pucker factor! :astonished:


Poor old Fred. That man was a bloody legend. I loved watching his program.
My friend has a lorry painted up in his memory


Whenever I think of someone working on a chimney I think of Jerry Lewis totally wrecking it while installing an antennae in the movie Rock a Bye Baby.




They’ll try to make anything fly these days.



First Osprey prototype? Way before XV-15 even!


This looks fake. That looks like a 1978 Chevy Blazer, which has a tank capacity of 31 gallons, meaning that refueling probe would not be needed with in-theater ops configuration. An obvious giveaway this isn’t real! :wink:


It is a fake. The shadow on the flight deck is not that of the truck.

It is obviously the shadow of a 1995 Ford Explorer XLT… with the Eddie Bower package. :sunglasses:


Well, they had to swap out the truck, because that Explorer would’ve been upside by then in real life!


Have I ever showed you a photo of my car?


I can’t look at an explorer without thinking of it getting munched by a t rex :joy:


For the Brits in the crowd, this is the vehicle we took to the UK when I was stated there for three years (RAF Molesworth).

I actually received a “windshield flyer” when parked in a Cambridge parking garage (or is it car park garage?), indicating what a bad person I was for driving such a big carbon footprint car. (I should have kept that and framed it.)

We drove it all over England (English Heritage members) and Wales…took it to France on the Chunnel Train and Ireland on a high speed ferry. Coming back from Ireland, we stopped in Wales to fill the tank at a cost over £100. That prompted the petrol station attendant to ask “Where are you from?” To which I responded, “Brampton…its near Cambridge.”

It got a flat tire once. We took it to the local Ford dealership–actually named “Harrison Ford”–to have it repaired. It cause a bit of a stir with all the mechanics coming over to have a look at the big V-8 monster. They kept it overnight…probably to conduct extensive post maintenance check drives on the nearby A1(M)…which was fine with us.

We one went to the Littlecote House resort. They greet you as you pull in to unload your bags and direct you to parking. We threw the guy off because I was sitting in the passenger seat, which on a British car wold be the driver’s seat. Him (looking for the steering wheel) - “I normally talk to the driver.” Me - “OK, my wive is driving. She is just on the other side.” Him (looks back and forth with a puzzled look on his face) - “I’ll just tell you where to park.”

It has been from Normandy to Dublin (E to W) , Hadrian’s Wall to Battle Abbey, Hastings (N to S) and many places in between. Drove into the London “No SUV Zone” twice by accident but didn’t get a ticket. Would have driven it to Scotland but the train was cheaper and faster.

We traded it in last year for another Explorer, but they are not the same now - not built on a truck chassis anymore (sigh).


We have an 07 Explorer at work that I enjoy driving quite a bit.





JV-22 Osprey “The Montage”



We use the Ford Police Utility Interceptor, which is the police package explorer. I’ll see if I’ve got any video or stills that are approved for public release.