Just had a play with this. It integrates with Simbrief and VATsim etc. Not sure how useful but it’s a smooth looking app to play with.

Here’s a flight planned (and that I did yesterday) from Edinburgh to Oslo. Seems to work.


Late to the party, bu I’ve been trying to get this to work with DCS. I found that it will only install the DCS plugin if your saved games folder is in the \Saved Games directory. Mine isn’t, and I can’t find any documentation on manually installing the plugin or redirecting the software to look elsewhere for my saved games DCS folder :confused:

Can you set up a link from the usual location to where you store yours, as that would probably fool it? Moving Stuff Around Between Disks - Hardlinks vs Symlinks vs Junctions


That Junction software seems to have done the trick! I tried all the mklnik tutorials and it always kicked back a syntax error or “cannot create file that already exists.”

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