VPForce Rhino FFB Review


Well, maybe less than a year then :).

I think this is going to make me reassess my sim setup. Right now I have a nice desk solution with MonsterTech mounts for my Warthog throttle and VirPil WarBRD/CM2 stick. I also have my Bravo throttle clamped to the desk to my right. I simply swap out the stick with my TM Boeing yoke depending on what I am flying. The size of the Rhino might be problematic with the MonsterTech mount. I might have to consider a dedicated sim pit for stick controlled aircraft.


Damn you @Troll

A 12 month wait was probably the only thing stopping me from ordering… but with the extra business it looks like this thread has created, maybe that median time is getting closer to that :stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t kill the messenger! I was just relaying from VPforceBot :wink:

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Well, I have a sn# assigned….443, which puts me 361st in line as of this morning. That gives me plenty of time to think about how I want to integrate this into my setup. Do I want to move to a sim-pit solution, stick with my desk (which I like) or maybe do both - sim pit for stick controlled airplanes, and the desk for those that use a yoke. :thinking: This could end up costing a good bit more than just the stick base!


It always does… :wink:


I 3D printed a set of control throw limiters using the link on the VPForce Discord. Pretty slick, the online CAD design lets you customize the degree of throw in each direction, then download directly as a .stl file. They printed and fit great!


So, looking ahead, if I was to go the Sim Pit route, which one would work best with the Rhino? I’m looking at the Next Level Racing/Boeing pits and it looks like I would need to make some modifications to it if the Rhino is going to fit. What about other options?

How much throw do you have now?

Paul, I posted a question in the VP Force discord to see if anybody is using the Rhino in the NL Boeing pit.
Also, have you looked at Monstertech?

Thanks @Troll , the MonsterTech simpit solution looks like it’s as strong as a tank! I think it is probably more than I am willing to spend though.

I’m thinking that a good solution for me (assuming that I can mod it to accommodate the Rhino), would be the NLR pit but keep using my desk with the MonsterTech clamps (ie just use the pit for the seat and pedals) until the Rhino gets here, at which point I would mount it on the simpit.

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I did 15 forward, left and right, and 21 degrees aft. Then I used the autocalibration tool in the software to reset the center and maximum limits. This let me compensate for having to mount the base a little bit farther forward of where I would optimally have placed it given the ergonomics of my simpit. “Center” for the stick is offset a couple of degrees aft of vertical, but with the slight forward bend on the VKB extension, the grip is basically vertical and it feels much better.

@PaulRix, I built a little platform out of some scrap plywood and lumber that is secured to the floor of my simpit, and the base is screwed into the platform. It’s not pretty (though I tarted it up with some black paint) but it works. Looking at MonsterTech and NextLevel, they all look like they have some sort of center mount option. I would check the dimensions and make sure they can sit low enough for the Rhino base, so it’s below your legs.

This looks like it would probably be able to go low enough: MTS Center Joystick – MTSIM – MONSTERTECH

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A video showing Helicopter Force Trim function using a Rhino in MSFS.


Does anyone have a DCS IL2 profile they can share? new owner

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Hey there, @martycarroll and welcome to Mudspike! :mudspike:

Maybe @SierraAlphaMike can help you?

@martycarroll, are you looking for a VPForce profile or a control profile within DCS and Il-2?

My VPForce profile is pretty basic. I haven’t changed any curves or force profiles, all I did was set the grip to match my Virpil CM2.

Mine came in while I was out on a trip, and I finally got to install it yesterday. My order was placed in February, and fulfilled 10/05, S/N 0227. Was really stoked when I got the notification, as I’d kinda placed it and forgot about it.

I’m blown away by the power and feel, and the lack of cogging. I had hoped to use it without an extension, but my sim has an Openhornet ejection seat and there’s no way for me to mount it in a proper position/height without a short extension, so I’m using the same 12cm 3d printed extension previously employed by my Virpil T-50CM3.

With the extension, I had to use the 11-degree range limiters (hardware, 3d printed parts that I had included in the order) to make the range of motion match my previous setup, and it actually works perfectly in my Hornet simpit, mounted directly to the floor.

The whole thing was easy to install and set up (so far), and seems a very professional product. I had one little hiccup: my 3d-printed extension proved not to be up to the task and began to fail at the base threads. Loads of force, in fact with the extension it’s what I expected, without it it’s borderline ludicrously heavy (albeit all fully tunable and adjustable, I’m just speaking to the maximum potential force) for a consumer sim periphrial.

I’m printing a new extension out of ABS and a slightly shorter total length that I think will hold up and put the grip right where I want it. I’ll post some pictures when I have a chance.


Glad you’re enjoying it! Mine is still holding strong.

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Good to hear! Hopefully my new extension will hold strong.

I printed one last night but it didn’t turn out; the supports (printing sideways for strength) ended up messing up the part. Trying it again without any supports, printed vertically. I’m betting that ABS might be strong enough to resist delamination despite the stress vectors. If not, I’ll figure out how to print one sideways again.

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8 Rhinos to go.
It’s getting real now! Could it maybe make it here before Christmas? :thinking:
Nah, better not get my hopes up :face_with_peeking_eye: