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My F18C inspired VR cockpit for DCS. During VR session its impossible to use keyboard and cumbersome to use inside VR mouse control so I build VR cockpit to ease control. From startup, take off, AA AG session, landing and shutdown are easier. The button are equipped with some small indentation and different form of button, toggle caps, to ensure you could feel and know where the button is, with practice its becoming 2nd nature. Using modified Samsung Odyssey VR HMD (with exhaust fan) as the best VR setup at this moment, ease of setup for seated and resolution, less eye strain. Even the new Pimax 5K cannot beat the experience. It took 4 months of every weekend and night to solder, print 3D stuff and assembly time, its not the most rugged things but it works consuming 10 USB port using MMJoy2 Arduino based controller. The old modified X55 rhinos stick throttle and rudder set complete the sets. It has more than 300 switches, buttons and potentiometer… its not as intuitive as you cannot see the button but with reference button, practice reflect you know where the button is, and it add a lot of immerssion. The analog handle is for AV8B nozzle adjustment so tis multifunction button box for f18c, av8b, mirage 2000 and hopefullh the coming f16 in dcs. Its not an exact button location but at least 1 to 1 button without using alt, ctrl or shift modifier key.


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You’ve got a lot of DIY controllers in there. What did you use as interface?


Im using MMjoy2 firmware for HID, there 32 special button only thus Im using 10 Arduino equipped with MMjoy2 firmware, as there are lots of rotary and 3 and 2 pos switches, only for MID which mostly use push button. Im planning to create the build steps. As the arduino leo that im using is cheap one and first need to be reflash to be able to be loaded with mmjoy2 firmware via the loader. The other challenges is modding the 3 pos on on on switches from 3 pos on off on which required lots of trial and error as the real 3 pos on on on sw is really expensive and need to be imported to my country in Indonesia. Others are special custom 3 printed items incl case, knobs, etc.


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I use MMJoy2 myself, with Teensy2 controllers.

Here’s an instruction for ON-ON-ON switches that I made.


Welcome to musdspike :mudspike: @Roadrunner06. Your first (and second!) posts are incredibly inspirational.

I wish I had the time, money and room to build something that awesome! But when I do, your project will be among the inspirations of mine :smiley:

Have you seen @Troll’s build thread? That is almost as awesome as your pit :stuck_out_tongue:


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Thanks a lot actually I thing I find yours a long in the web. Thats really cool stuff youve created. Mine is actually just adding on top of other ideas. I should thank you for the guide … but still based on the component quality existed locally the mod do not have consistent quality result :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Thanks its a mundane step by step work every weekend and weekend night as im still working on workdays… but initially its a suicidal jump kind of decission knowing I will face long and tedious work. I believe this is nothing compared to work of others building the real cockpit replica. For me as Im using VR only I could get away from realistic design, I would say this is an overwhelming multi function button box, so I could as much as possible map 1:1 key of several relevant aircraft. Ive tried to map and list the compability of setup at least for western DCS jets incl F18C, AV8B, and Mirage 2000, not yet for F14 but some or most key will still can be used. Future F16 should be within compatibility, For a10C seems more switches and button but some would still work… I wish you success in realizing your build, perfect or not still a lot of satisfying moment when you did it …

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Thank you…:laughing::laughing:

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Managed to see Trolls work in honesty turn out I owe him some ideas and solution without realizing its him… in the internet… thanks for referring him

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More pics


The console button is to replace function button for quick access to views and other function with the button on the side protected with rings for ESC and Pause. Mouse ball for mouse it self in case needed to navigate within VR. The 3d printed wheel, rotary jettison button are self design incl the parking nrake simulation with buttons. Some duplicate form of knobs are for either in f18c or other aircraft with diff position in the panel, ex the gear light button



Left rear console the pots for various volume using anlog ports in MMJoy arduino based controller

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The modded Samsung Odyssey HMD VR with exhaust fan, and PWM control to adjust the speed, so it wont be too noisy, im real just like the humming of the aircraft itself it wont even bother you… the pwm is the rotary button in orange box outside of the left rear console. Now I could use VR comfortably in hours… without getting soaked wet inside… the 3d print is available in thingiverse under roadrunner06 username


The protected red switch has push button behind with a tab to simulate the openning of the protector and then the switch inside itself function independently