VR Eye Test

I know it’s super nerdy (I think I lost that fight long ago lol) but the ideal way would be to use this in SteamVR as your home environment (just hit ‘Subscribe’ in Steam, and then when in your SteamVR home house, press the small button to bring up the menu, and it’ll be in your ‘Environments’ selection):


…and then go stand on the 6 meter line (the ‘20’ line in SteamVR env) and see what line you could read on the eye chart. On the O+ I can’t read Line 11 for example.

That way @BeachAV8R could then plug in the O+ again and have a decent apples vs apples comparison guideline. It’s also useful for gauging FOV and color correction.

Otherwise he’s having to go find a 109 flying 2000 meters away, which is still something to do but this is more sciencey (that’s a word, right?). :vr:


The was a similar exercise that someone did with a driving sim, using braking markers for comparison. Where the digits were readable to about 80 meters with an O+, they went out to about 130 m in the the Reverb, if memory serves. Need to find it.

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Sorry for the resurrection, just trying this again now.

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Good bump, I have to try that one as well, now that I have VR.

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On the 20/20 line of the eye chart on the reverb I can read the smallest line (11).

A good test is the book extract to the right of the eyechart, by the wall. On the 20 line I can read the Times Roman 12 paragraph (3rd from top), but not anything much smaller than that.

Field of view with glasses on (no coffee yet, and I wear contacts usually), is about 100, so a bit lower than I would expect. You stare at the green dot and wave the blue boards until they come into vision (at least I think that’s what you do). The Glare Test didn’t show too much chromatic distortion, at least not more than the O+ or Rift. (I stood back to take this pic, otherwise you can’t see the sticks :slight_smile:)


Need to test this on the S…