VR Headsets Comparison Summary 2020

We had here already similar thread.
But I dont want to manage here any table or list of available VR headsets as there are many. Rather I would like to have this thread to serve as some kind of ‘VR buyers guide for simers’.

Feel free to post your HW setup, GAME settings, DATA of your VR performance.

from @jross in the other thread:

My system could be considered similar to yours, just different generation
RTX 2070 S

Problem I see is not consistent feedback from VR users. Sometimes it is ‘wow, its great, running smooth’, then ‘here are my FPS on medium settings [FPS<30]’.
So I also goes from ‘thats promising’ to ‘too young’ rather quickly :slight_smile:

Your FPS in XP are good I would say. But thats on O+ which is not available anymore. And definitely little bit less demanding on the system. Wondering what that would be on G2…

Could you also pls post pic of your sliders in XP settings? @PaulRix could you also post yours?
We can than compare these settings and maybe can draw a reasonable accurate picture of G2 performance in XP.

Edit :

I cant see O+ available anymore in EU.
On the other hand I can see available VIVE COSMOS which seems to be not that popular, at least I didnt noticed it that much in comments here or on other sites in relation to flight sims.

It is usually Reverb vs Rift vs Index, from time to time O+ is in the mix. Are here any owners of the more ‘exotic’ headsets?

didnt saw this next video yet, but seems like there was problem with tracking of the VR controllers, but thats irrelevant to seated VR stuff I would say (maybe @smokinhole will disagree)

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some benchmarking for RTX 2070 S

well it seems it is clarity vs performance

WHAT? Reverb G2 Needs LESS Performance Than Quest/Link? HP Reverb G2 Performance Comparison! - YouTube

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