VR Lens Labs lens frame

If you bought the VR Lens Labs lenses and are disappointed with the fit, you might like to have a look at this frame - which a chap on the Oculus forum recommended:

ebay link

I ordered mine a week ago - they arrived today and are up to the job - far more than the crappy Lens Labs frame - such as it is.

This is how it comes:


The card is okay, but my frame had dropped out of the gap and was a little mis-shapen, but no biggy.

Here, with lenses fitted, after careful removal from the Lens Labs ‘frame’:


The faceplate is then removed and the frame put in place (it’s loose at this point):


And then the faceplate - in my case a custom one from the same Lab shop - is carefully replaced:



1> the lens is held in place flush with the Rift lenses
2> it’s far more secure than the originals, though there is some very small amount of movement
3> Very easy to clean, without having to remove anything or worry about it dislodging the lenses


Instead of starting a new thread about Rift prescription lenses, I thought I might as well just post in this one. Hope thats ok with you @Brix ?

I ordered these 3D printed lens frames printed by a local 3Dhubs printer some time ago, and a pair of prescription glasses from Zennioptical, all inside about $50 I think.

It’s pretty easy to put together, you only need a tiny screwdriver to take apart the Zenni glasses, and a markerpen to mark the orientation of the lenses.
Oh, and a small file. I had to grind a bit of material from the bridge of the frames, in order not to permanently activate the proximity sensor in the Rift.
Other than that, I find the Rift / lens frame fit is pretty good, and while the lenses feel kind of loose in the frames they seem to stay in place just fine.

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by all means

I’d been looking for somewhere to post the info myself, so we could make this the semi-official “Headset add-on” thread :slightly_smiling_face:

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