VR News (2022)

(Previous VR news topic started in 2016 and has over 1500 posts, so not great for people finding stuff or new people)

PS VR version 2, with better specs than a Reverb G2 (OLED 120Hz etc). PSVR did very well, although not on our PC radar it sold well. In some ways, this sort of console is what the Meta Quest 2 stuff is competing with.

I wonder how much eye tracking / foveated rendering is going to be going on, in that a PS5 rarely hits 4K/90Hz in 2D games?


Sorting out the eye tracking (assuming it really could keep up with eye movements and really did reduce computational load enought to be worth it) is going to be a big deal for these higher res headsets. I’m not sure how well it will work with the small sweet spots we have on most of the headsets (at least the ones I’ve used, all of which use Fresnel/DO lenses), but then again if they take that into account too that’s even less GPU loading for just glancing down into the cockpit…

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