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PS VR version 2, with better specs than a Reverb G2 (OLED 120Hz etc). PSVR did very well, although not on our PC radar it sold well. In some ways, this sort of console is what the Meta Quest 2 stuff is competing with.

I wonder how much eye tracking / foveated rendering is going to be going on, in that a PS5 rarely hits 4K/90Hz in 2D games?


Sorting out the eye tracking (assuming it really could keep up with eye movements and really did reduce computational load enought to be worth it) is going to be a big deal for these higher res headsets. I’m not sure how well it will work with the small sweet spots we have on most of the headsets (at least the ones I’ve used, all of which use Fresnel/DO lenses), but then again if they take that into account too that’s even less GPU loading for just glancing down into the cockpit…


Looks like Friday we shall see a unveiling of Pimax’s newest entry into The VR Market.


Nice! That was sooner than I expected!
The specs on this one are so ambitious I have a hard time believing they can pull it off.
But if they do…!


Power Points

Summary of the Pimax 12K Live, Joyful or Disappointed?


  • The “secret” to removing artifacts would come from using Tobii’s eye-tracking.
  • The 60 GHz wireless connection between PC and viewer will be made with a Wigig device.
  • The viewfinder will have active cooling through fans, quieter than those of the Vive Focus 3.
  • With the battery on, the viewer will be heavier than the 8K model, but still comfortable.
  • Improved audio system, use the XR2 chip for internal audio processing and other factors.
  • Automatic IPD adjustment.
  • The sweet spot, black levels, and colors are also excellent.
  • In standalone mode, the FOV, resolution, and refresh rate will be lower.
  • Inside-out tracking. As good or better than the Oculus Quest, using Qualcomm technology.
  • It is also compatible with the tracking of Valve/HTC Lighthouse base stations.
  • The price will be around $2,400, Touch-type controls included, no base stations (for Lighthouse tracking, although they are not necessary because the viewfinder has 4 cameras for inside-out tracking of the viewfinder and controls).

For the 12k trade-in details:https://pimax.com/about-pimax-12k-qled-trade-in-program-fully-details/


I’m really only using VR seated these days, so I guess I’m not the target audience.

For my use, going to inside out tracking would be a negative, but they’re continuing to support the base stations as well so I can’t fault them for that.

The eye tracking is interesting, but again solves a problem that won’t affect my use case. Perhaps if they extend the concept and games start using foveated rendering it would make a difference?

The price is a huge roadblock for me.

So I hope they keep making the 8K for a while, I might try to save up for one of those.

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Hello Torc.I like You will be using it mainly sitting down,I’m really only interested in the expanded FOV and the New Lenses.
I hope they’ll offer different models with different options and prices for those who don’t want all the bells and whistles.
Also…not sure if you are aware of the 12kQ trade in program

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Yeah, the trade in program is a great idea. Unfortunately for me I’m still struggling along with my Lenovo Explorer… I was hanging back to see if someone would combine the field of view of the Pimax with the legibility of the Reverb.

I guess that is the Pimax 8K though, isn’t it?

The lenses are interesting, but I want to see them before I decide whether they’re just marketting hype - I tend to find these “hybrid” designs combine the worst features of both technologies just as much as they combine the best features! That said, I’m perfectly happy with fresnel lenses for headsets - light and relatively cheap is good!

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Do not underestimate the power of Virtual Desktop!!! …


I really surprised myself today running VR games cordlessly with Virtual Desktop and my Oculus Quest 2! The Quest 2 has outstanding hand controller tracking (unlike the stupid HP G2) … so much so that I started buying my favorite games like “Onward” specifically for the Quest 2. For shooting games, the rifle-pistol transitions with the Quest 2 are a no brainer, don’t have to take my eyes off the target affair!

Long story short, I screwed up my USB system on my current PC so that Oculus Link stopped functioning for at least a year now. Can’t figure that problem out.

After my tinkering around and upgrading to Windows 11, I noticed my Virtual Desktop streaming bandwidth went from 477 Mbps to 866 Mbps … both on the same Wi-Fi 5 connection! Not bad! Thought I’d try my PC version of Onward … OUTSTANDING! Much better graphics and shooting! Looking forward to getting a Wi-Fi 6 router some day but this is just great!


Just fooling around with Virtual Desktop a bit more. I thought it was outstanding on mid-range settings! Found out there are three very important settings … VR Graphics Quality, VR Frame Rate and VR Bitrate …

Seems I don’t REALLY need WiFi 6 because there’s a cap on VR streaming at 150 Mbps anyway so you don’t burn out the Quest 2 battery so fast. I cranked up all of those settings and now my cordless VR gaming is even AWESOMER! Looks fantastic with great detail and smoothness approaching my HP G2. My Quest 2 has become my favorite VR headset again, especially with the excellent hand tracking.

I even tried MSFS2020 … noice! (you can’t really see the detail from this headset screenshot but it is very nice and smooth, even at 30 fps) …

VD is awesome LOL!

I highly recommend the Oculus Quest 2 as an entry level VR headset despite all the stigma about Meta.


Little 2D vid of PC Version of Onward over Virtual Desktop with Quest 2 …

I probably see twice the detail that video portrays in my headset. If there are any Tactical FPS fans out there holding out on getting VR … grab a Quest 2. Thank me later. :smiley:


Lets not forget about zombies! Zombies can keep you on your toes, man! …

I much prefer the slow, “Walking Dead” type of zombie. Not a fan of the fast moving “World War Z” zombies. :smiley:

(BTW, those aren’t 2D style one button reloads … I’m dropping my mag and reaching for my belt for the next, man :slight_smile: )


I bought Onward but never tried it… Looks like a lot of fun!
How do you play it? Standing? What do you use to control movement?
That Zombie stuff would probably make me soil myself! :wink:

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Onward is great but that zombie one is actually Pavlov. I just put a stool in the middle of the room and stand stationary in front of it. My knees aren’t what they used to be so when I need to go prone I just sit down ha ha! This stool is great as it’s adjustable and shock absorbing …

As far as the controls go, it’s pretty much the same for all these VR shooters … left thumbstick moves you forward backward and strafes you left and right. The right thumbstick just rotates you left or right. Once you get used to it, it becomes very intuitive.


Do you use some sort of gun stock, for the hand controllers?

He cosplays a stormtrooper. :sweat_smile:

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They have the “virtual gunstock” option now. As long as your rear shoulder stock (buttstock) hand remains in shooting position around your “shooting shoulder”, it locks the rear of the rifle in so that you’re using your front hand and movement to aim. It’s pretty dang effective.

■■■■ yeah stormtrooper GIF


Really? That’s cool. So, no need to attach the hand controllers to a stick anymore then…?

Yup. That stick thing would just get in the way. You should load up Onward, turn on the virtual gunstock and head out to the range! :slight_smile: Try it out man. If you want to try some co-op, dial me up.

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I really need to do that. FPS in VR looks like fun!
Just need to move over to the new house and set everything up over there, before I can play again :wink:

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