VR News 2023

I put a flow chart here - VR Headset Choices for PC Sims - Autumn 2023 - #6 by fearlessfrog

It could be redone from the perspective of having to add outside tracking as well, but the cost question sort of covers that too. For the Bigscreen Beyond the light unit is a big plus, but it seems unlikely to ever be able to support eye tracking, which then makes the super higher resolutions with no foveated rendering a harder sell.

DCS has quad view rendering (needed for better foveated rendering) for the Aero working, and the other headsets can use it with this compatibility OpenXR layer - it reportedly works really well, and you can even try it with no eye tracking for a fixed foveated view (think circles, with blur on the outside). You do need to be GPU limited and running a high resolution for it to help. The Meta Quest Pro apparently works well with it, and given the upcoming Quest 3 doesn’t have eye tracking I wouldn’t be shocked to see a Meta Quest Pro 2 soon enough, that might be good for the sim market. Meta don’t want to mention it to interfere with the big Q3 Q3 launch though, so might be next year.