VR News: HP Reverb - Second Gen headsets are on the way

Finally got my VR Optician lenses today. Ordered it on Dec. 31st so 5 weeks for delivery to east coast of US.

Good news is the lenses are easy to put in and remove on the Reverb. It’s so nice being able to see clearly and not have to wear glasses or contacts.

Bad news is, the lens inserts actually press against my face above my eyes due to the shallow depth of the Reverb. I wish they made a VR cover for the Reverb. A little extra padding up front would probably solve the issue.

Does anyone know if any of the available VR Covers fit the Reverb?

I tried to move one over from the O+ I had, but it was a bit too big. You could probably chop off a couple of centimeters and tape it back up and it could work, but you’d need to squish it etc. If you wear it close to your face that might work.

I don’t think VR Cover do a specific Reverb one? I googled here, and it looks like maybe the OG Vive one could work?

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I think I read somewhere that the cover for the Vive was a good fit.

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Hold on a sec. Hold on a sec.

Sorry but maybe my comment came across wrong: no offense or judgement was intended. I wasn’t knocking the device’s functionality or anything. I don’t have my hands on it, so I can’t attest to the quality of function, which is exactly why I asked the question. All I have to go on was one statement that it was great and the print quality that I saw on the website just made me pause.

What I was asking for was confirmation that quality of function and design was there. What I see in the picture is a relatively simple matter to correct on a 3D printer - I’ve been through a hundred 3D prints on lower end machines that require fiddling with flow rates, layer heights, temperatures and all and what I saw just made me pause. I know that the items are small and the picture is not really representative given it’s size.

Sorry but, in my opinion, that is not true as it would be an indicator. I just wanted to post here, pause and wait for a review from someone I trust as to it’s full build quality.

Since my original post 7 hours ago I have looking into how to order, subscribed to the discord server and checked out the backlog of orders. I have read other reviews and from the tone of the creator/developers content, I can see the hours of work and effort that have been put into this product. I my mind, I have seen enough to plan on going forward with purchasing in the near future.

EDIT: Just to clarify (?), but these images from the ED Forums (link) show that those 3D print artifacts have been dealt with.


Cool beans. You are gonna love them.


Oh wow! This headset is a TON better than the Oculus CV1! Wow! I spent some time in the Bird of the Month (informal) February 2020 - Yak-52 and I could easily read all of the instruments. After a nice flight there, I went over to the P-51 and … wow!

Did I say wow?


It’s crazy isn’t it? First truly clear VR for me.

How’s the fit?

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Little tight. I have a big head and the side straps are at almost the maximum. Cable though … that’s a bit annoying (like every review said). I need to find a way to have that stay somewhat centered on the back of my chair. Hmmm.

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I ended up with something like this, but I think you could do even better :slight_smile:


Btw, fly the Hornet and bask in those MFDs… :vr:


Hmmm. That would at least keep it off to one side consistently. Nice.

How do you find the integrated headphones? I removed them almost immediately in favour of my Hyper-X Cloud II’s but those are a little loose on my head and likely to move around when I am looking all over the place for targets :slight_smile:


I don’t mind the integrated ones, as I slip the headset on/off a bit. If you do put them back on then make sure they are screwed in quite tight (the flat screw) as I found the connection between headset/earpiece is not great.


I may have to think outside the box like @Troll :slight_smile:


I think you could mod this sucker real good, especially with access to a 3D printer. :printer:


I should say, the only thing I did add was the overhead strap, as I had it for the O+ anyway. I prefer it as it feels more hat like, and the weight is taken over the top more rather than pressure on the sides.


It’s just a bit of material with some velcro.

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I’ve just had somewhat of an epiphany with regards to my Reverb and VR in general. Well, more like a slap to the forehead. You see, I had Lasik back in 2004 and went from like 20/200 to 20/20. Gave the nurse a big old hug, because even with antiseptic goop in my eyes, I could tell that I could f-ing see really well and that the contacts were going right in the round file as soon as I got home. No more contacts while swimming or skydiving, where they blew out more than once. Try judging your landing while squinting like you have sand in your eyes. And yes I wear goggles you duffus.

Lasik worked pretty damn well until a couple of years ago when age caught up to me and I began wearing readers. To read. Not too bad really, my distant vision was/is still pretty good. At the end of this year, my wife began negging me, as all good wives will, to have an eye appointment. I hadn’t had one in probably 10 years. Turns out they said that while my distance vision wasn’t bad, they could set me up with some transition lens that would get me back a little bit on the top end, as well as let me read my phone and the dashboard in my car. OK, insurance was picking up a good chunk of the bill. Ordered them, picked them up, and yes, for driving they are perfect. A bit sharper at long range, I still don’t wear them much other than driving. Would probably work great for flying, but I would need sunglasses made. In the short term sticking to sunglasses with readers in the bottom of the lenses.

Anyway, the Transitions are made by Flexon and they are just light and small enough to squeeze into my Reverb. Curiosity finally got the best of me and I’ll be damned! Distance vision and sharpness is much improved.

I would like to categorically withdraw my previous comment to the effect that “they all suck”. Admittedly, I’ve been missing a bit of distance clarity due to my pigheaded nature. Had I kept on, my eyes would have probably deteriorated at about the same rate that VR technology improves, and I would be the old curmudgeon forever lambasting the industry because of my ignorance. Anyway, I’ve ordered up some of those fancy VR Optician lens adapters. Hoping for an improved experience.


It’s a pretty remarkable difference. I thought it was a pretty big step up in clarity coming from an Index let alone a CV1. Glad you are enjoying the set so far.


Is there any magic sauce to get the 3.5mm jack to work on the headset? I connect to it but I apparently can not figure out which audio device relates to that port? It may just be me.

I think when I tried it out I didn’t change the audio device, in that it uses the same USB name that makes the overear ones do to work. Maybe click that sucker right in. :slight_smile:

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Yeah. I have tried 3 different headphones attached to that port and I get no sound. I had removed the attached ear pieces but I put them back on to see what happened. With them on, the headset gets audio (though a RealTek USB 2.0 audio device) but nothing plugged into the port ‘overrides’ those attached ear pieces. Hmm.