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Oh man…I can’t wait to see what you think about it. …and, I’ll be really interested if you suffer any VR sickness if you go tooling around in the Extra 300 or something…because maybe your head has acclimated to it from your aerobatic flying.

Agreed…I make myself spend money here… :see_no_evil:


Bah! I am trying … trying … to suppress the urge to take Oculus up on this offer.

What are the downsides? Other than just saving my money and putting it to better use that is :slight_smile:

If this is Oculus dumping some extra hardware before a potential refresh in October (a rumour I heard) then its’ still a good deal as I would expect the price to go back up +$100 (from the sale) and +$100 for new hardware - putting the price back where it was at launch time.

If this is a sign of ‘bad’ sales of the hardware (ie: VR is not capturing the market like companies are hoping it might) then the price is intended to spur purchases (but then why is Vive sticking at their price point)?

If there is another year of this hardware, the price can’t go much lower without seriously damaging the Oculus (I know Facebook has deep pockets but there is only so low any business person is going to want to go before they abandon the project).

It’s not the best room scale … but the price!

What are the odds that Fallout 4 VR is going to be locked away from the Rift because Zenimax??

I have planned purchases coming up in the near future (CnC router, VKB MCG and throttle). So many decisions! :smile:


Bah! Couldn’t resist.


ok, where did you get it for your hard earned Canuck buck?

NoooooO! (sorry … reflex)


Congrats @Fridge and @smokinhole ! I am looking forward to hearing your first impressions… :sunglasses:


BTW, I received my Gametrix Jetseat today. Force feedback for your butt (and back)… LOL. It is actually very cool. Combined with VR it really brings the aircraft in DCS to life. I haven’t tried it with any other sims yet but it is great with DCS.


I have one as well. I actually rebuilt mine to fit my simbox.
But my vibrator motors were rather noisy and made a lot of electrical squeal. I also didn’t like the way the vibrations worked when approaching stall. I suggested a more gradual ramping of the vibration frequency instead of increasing the vibration “pulses”. Don’t know if they implemented it, or not.

It’s a great idea though! I would love to see a higher quality vibrator seat with noiseless brushless motors.


We[quote=“Linebacker, post:545, topic:1457”]
where did you get it for your hard earned Canuck buck?

From BestBuy because Amazon.ca was out of stock (so the price drop managed to move their 10 units (according to their page) in a few hours). Both had free shipping (I am an Amazon Prime user as I tend to buy a lot of books :slight_smile: ).

I did have access to a DK2 a few years ago and was wowed by the sense of presence, so I do kinda know what to expect. Still … looking forward to it and having to finally learn some DCS systems instead of just consulting Chuck’s guides all the time :slight_smile:


You’re not wrong there! Since I got my Rift, apart from the first couple of months when I was flying online in a small group, I’ve hardly flown any combat missions, because I can’t refer to the manuals or guides whilst flying and my memory is a mess these days!

It’s depressing, but uplifting at the same time!


I swear to God someone will make an absolute million bazillion dollars when they invent a beer bottle sleeve that can be recognized by the Rift in VR so you know where to reach for your bottle.


Just duck tape the bottle to a Touch Controller and you are good to go :wink: .


Put the booze in a Camelback, problem solved :laughing:



The Bell47 + Rift = WoW!


So DCS Open Alpha users - how often are you getting crashes when using the Rift? I was flying a couple times tonight and after around 30 minutes or so, I just had a crash and some message about hardwear not detected. I think something is conflicting with DCS, but not sure what it is. I get the feeling something is butting heads with DCS and popping it out of the “sensor of interest” so to speak…LOL…


It’s 450 in Euros. Very tempting. The only thing holding me back is that I’m rather short sighted. Can you use it with glasses?

I think I saw a post here for a kickstarter addon to make the rift compatible with spectacles.


The default focus is from about 2 meters out, which suits me because I am far sighted and 2 meters is about where things begin to get sharp. It sounds like you might need some sort of correction, but would be better to hear from other near sighted users. How is your vision at 2 meters?


Very bad. Got -6.75 / -3.5 on right/left eye which means I would not even know if there are letters on a wall 2 meters out…

Also, because of the difference my left eye is quite dominant. Not sure if this will influence the whole VR experience.


I’m nearsighted as well and have to use glasses.
If you get them small enough it’s not a problem to wear glasses inside the Rift, however it is a bit fiddly, and you have to be a bit carefull in order to not let the glasses and the Rift lenses contact eachother.
According to Oculus maximum size for glasses is: width 142 mm, height 50 mm.

That being said, after a month of wearing my glasses in VR, I ordered some 3D printed frames for the Rift, and a set of prescription glasses from Zennioptical, and it is way more comfortable! I’ll see if I can get some pics and a link up later on.


Ok, got some info up about the 3D printed frames. Posted it in a topic about lensframes started by Brix, a while ago.