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Well when CV2 comes out, I’m sure the market will be awash with decent, used gen 1 headsets at very good prices :wink:


I have to agree with Skatezilla. The only time I use my screen is when I want to view a replay in all of its beauty. You can pull off manuvers that would not be possible in TiR. I loved my TiR. It still is on my monitor but it gets very little use. BoS is especially beautiful in VR. DCS WW2 and Korean dogfights are very thrilling. Lets hope for a resurgence of Rise of Flight in VR. The slow dogfights of WW1 are well suited to VR’s demanding hardware.


Google Earth VR gets Street View plus ‘superman’ mode. Updated today on Steam and Oculus stores.

It works pretty well. Street view I don’t think is stereoscopic, but still a nice way to look around. They added a couple of switches to be able to fly right down at ground level, which is a nice way to explore (obviously a bit blocky).


My CV1 will be for sale on day #1 of the CV2’s release for sure…not because I dislike or am disappointed with CV1, but instead because I love my CV1 so much that I am SUPER excited to see what CV2 has to offer.


I might keep my CV1 as a spare. You know, just in case I should ever need it :wink:


Onward free weekend. VR squad based milsim. Contact!


If you’ve got VR and even a passing interest in tactical manshootery this is worth a go. I’ve been playing Onward for a few weeks now and it might even be good enough to get @Linebacker into VR ;o)


considering CV1s Rocky start w/ Q/A… I’d Keep as a Backup


Does it require controllers or can I use the X box gamepad?


Touch only I believe.



Oooo, here’s another good one …


Duck Season seems to be being received really well. No spoilers…but here is the page for it…looks great…probably can’t play it around Kai though…LOL… (keep with the preview…it gets…interesting…LOL…)


Some Pimax ‘8k’ (heh) info dribbles out:

The Tested.com review should be sometime this week. Lots of odd statements in the linked FAQ above, but there is a small chance this might be a great sim players headset (FOV, Pixel density etc).


Does it come complementary with the Titan cluster necessary to run it?


The day before their kickstarter release they ‘clarify’ that it’s actually going to be upscaling to 4k (what they call 8k, because that’s double the 4, right?) rather than allowing true 4k inputs and that the base model should be ok with a 1070 gen. They talk about how the panels will be released later (2018?) that offer true 4k, but that it would need a 1080ti minimum to run.

I think if the stars all align and the kickstarter model of the initial Pimax 8k (really 5k ish) upscales ok and, with a FOV of 200, it works as advertised then it might be worth a look for driving/flying. If the lens, build, firmware suck in any way (and they might) then it’ll probably be a worse experience than CV1/Vive regardless of DPI/FOV improvements.


The anticipated Pimax 8k Tested review.

The bit where the Tested people say what they think:

The ‘I ain’t got time for that, give me the short version’:

They don’t touch on Flight Sims (the VR lepers) but this could be a really nice platform for that. Higher resolution, higher field of view. It could make a lot of the issues we see with flight sim VR gen 1 better. $500 though, plus kickstarter is fairly risky…

Pixel comparison (hmm, a bit sceptical of this but it’s purdy).

FOV comparison, Rift/Vive are 110 (plus with bonus moving frustum for hilarious drama, but again, looks pretty):


So @PaulRix - how you liking your Pimax 4K? :wink:

You know you ordered it already right? Right??



EDIT: This might be a little abstract, reference.


With your existing Vive controllers (that work with it) and $500 burning a hole in your pocket, you could be DCS BVR’ing with a decent non-squint, non-ski mask resolution by January @near_blind! :wink:

It’s a kickstarter, what could possibly go wrong?!

Hmm, I wonder if DCS / FlyInside etc could be altered to properly render a more uniform 200 degrees FOV if it recognizes the Pimax? Plus that leap motion add-on module would be great for tracking virtual cockpit button presses.

If nothing else it puts a lot of good upwards pressure on the specs of CV2/Vive2. I personally am really interested in the virtual desktop usage, where you can actually read text nicely.


On one hand: Looks to fix all of my complaints with VR
On the other hand: Looks like an iffy investment proposition
On the third hand: It’s not a $500 investment, it’s a $500 investment + whatever the new graphics card required to power it costs.