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A more specific Samsung review. Doesn’t look like that much of a leap forward. Roll on Pimax and the new LG screens I guess…


Windows MR doesnt work outside of the Windows MR API,

So no DCS, Oculus or SteamVR…



Oculus Rift + Touch price drop to $399. If you fly or drive sims then a huge difference, and now it’s cheaper than a decent graphics card. :vr:


Also Oculus Go - though details are still rolling in on that. Seems to be a self-contained VR experience. No PC, no wires. Most “updates” are wholly incomplete.


The conference is live at the moment here:

The four offerings are:

  • Samsung Gear VR. Stand-alone, put your Samsung phone into a cheap shell thing.

  • Oculus Go. New stand-alone with screen included, no inside out tracking of hand controllers but good price at $199.

  • Oculus Santa Cruz. New upcoming stand-alone with hand controllers, dev kits in November. Sort of a replacement for the above two.

  • Oculus Rift + Touch. Existing PC HMD system, with new price at $399.

(I way as well 'live comment on this as I’m watching):

  • Oculus Dash. A new windows desktop integration, where you can pin windows inside VR games, i.e. view youtube inside of Elite Dangerous etc. Goodbye Virtual Desktop etc I guess.
  • New Oculus Home. Customizable 3d room/space thing not dissimilar to SteamVR Home. Nicer than the default old fireplace launcher at least. Coming in December.


Pinning windows could be good if you can sort of dismiss and recall them as you need. If they’re just kinda stuck there that’s kind of annoying imo.


i dont need hand controllers, so I just want oculus HMD for $299 or less, roflmao.


I don’t think this is applicable to us PC gamers but the new Hub it mentions later in the article sounds sweet :slight_smile:


I just hope us lot (PC VR gamers) aren’t going to end up on the sidelines and being left behind as technology advances for the technophobes.


That is a concern. It would be good to get some indication from Oculus that a premium PC gaming headset aka CV2 is still a part of their game plan.
I’m optimistic that they will reveal something next year, at which point it will be 2 years since the CV1 was released. Time will tell.


Yep, I think PC will always be used to the new things in VR, as there is still so much to do in terms of lenses, cameras and sensors where local GPU power isn’t the limiting factor. Having said that, I do think that general acceptance of VR will probably be on stand-alone devices (price mainly, plus Facebook / Apple / Google pushing it to social), but us PC weirdo’s will still benefit on the bleeding edge for a good few years yet.


Pretty disappointing that there have been no news on the Rift CV2. I am now waiting for first practical reports on the Samsung Odyssey in flight sims. If it is an improvement over the CV1, I am in.


Yes - I’m not convinced there will be a “CV2” - but I don’t really mind who provides the next gen headset, as long as it comes to be (and isn’t too expensive).


There’s a sale on at Oculus Home store - just picked up Edge of Nowhere for £3.99 - been on the fence, but at that price = no brainer.

It’s only for Friday the 13th, so scoot on over if ya want to have a look.


Super High End is a 'niche market,

spend millions developing a new High End Headset that will only work on a High End System, or develop entry level products that will work on almost any system or be self contained.


Get the doc to have a practice go, before he opens you up…

One step closer to feeling that bayonet slice it’s way in! :open_mouth:

(edit - that was a cynical remark, before anyone takes it the wrong way :wink: )


Pimax 8k DCS video incoming according to their forums…

We will upload DCS video on Youtube at the day after tomorrow.

I’m really curious as spec-wise it’s potentially an amazing match. Think of the pixels! :slight_smile:


I’m thinking of the necessary hardware upgrade price! That will exclude this for me, having only just upgraded to get a better Rift experience.


It’s deceptive though, in that this is using a hardware up-scaler built into the device, and then alternating frames (so it doesn’t need to render both screens at once). It’s not requiring a graphics card to do true 8K VR resolutions. If you can VR today with the Rift then you might actually be ok with this. Proof will be in the pudding though. When it’s released and proper reviews can be done then it might be possible.