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Aye, but it is not really comfortable to keep zoomed which is why I dont have it on a switch. I do have it on the [`] key (upperleft) of the keyboard too for cockpit mouse work. To me it feels better somehow to keep a button pressed for zoom.

What would be ideal is something like a ring on the right index finger that’d be tracked by the oculus camera, so a toggling motion would suffice to operate the cockpit and could be work while operating the HOTAS. The motion would be very natural that way. @Troll, wanna build us a bunch of those? :stuck_out_tongue:


Is it possible to assign an axis for the VR zoom? then you can step it up in increments via axis tune :slight_smile:

I don’t believe that’s an option unfortunately. Would be nice if it behaved much like the zoom function paired with Track IR.

I was just thinking yesterday how absolutely awesome it would be if you could wear some sort of gloves that would allow you interaction with the panels while in VR. Someday maybe…

I use the toggle switch on the side of the left power lever on my Warthog throttle. That way I don’t have to keep anything pressed to stay zoomed in (great for diving around in the MFD’s or looking for a particular switch in the cockpit that you almost never use).


Might try that, mine is bound to the silence warning landing gear button but it is stiff. Trouble is I use that pinkie switch for lots of other jobs depending on airframe. May try it on the APU one. That is never used these days

Apparently oculus have not updated their certificate and every rift is borked till its fixed

Mine worked fine last night.

I just changed he date back to the 6th March and it works.You would imagine they will fix it PDQ :roll_eyes:


A bit late to this party, but my 2 cents:

Do not change your system clock.

Doing so will upset a bunch of things on your system, including most game DRM activations, some secure websites and the like. Unless you really need to use the Rift then it would be best to wait for a new installation download that has to come from Oculus.

Facebook/Oculus really dun goofed on this one, expiring certificates is a dumb mistake, especially for the updater (as it can’t now update itself).

Ok I don’t want to do anything that upsets the apple-cart (windows) so I will revert back. If the updater cannot run will we have to do a reinstall of the oculus software ? Or should I say bloatware as the installation seems to grow exponentially

Best guess is that they offer an emergency download from their site real soon that replaces the individual Updater broken files and then it can update itself as per normal. It should just be a case their end of resigning the files, which is a pretty normal ‘build’ job. The bit they forgot is that they let the certs that they sign with expire (they typically only last 2 years or so).

If they really mess up and take a long time for something like this then the workaround is to ‘revive revive’, as in someone could hack the updater sort of like how the Vive/WMR ‘revive’ thing works, in that it replaces key files that don’t require the signing. That would be bad though.

Anyone getting occasional black screens on their Rift’s? It happened to me twice yesterday. Once in X-Plane and again in DCS. No change in GPU drivers. No overclocking. Exiting out of the game and launching the oculus home app or the Steam VR app restores the headset.

I have had a few in DCS where I also see the hour glass. Just briefly. Been a while though…

I have had it a few times, normally when the PC has been running a while. A reboot cures it. Someone mentioned the last drivers before the latest one dropped last week where the cause

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Reinstalled the latest drivers (post-fiasco) and rebooted. So far no issues.

Any Nvidia driver past 388.71 seems to randomly cause it. It happens where it doesn’t wake up from sleep, so a reboot cures it but can be a pain if you don’t want to reboot.

I just rolled back to 388.71 (you can just download and install, you don’t need to uninstall first, YMMV):


Sexy new panels coming from Google of all people apparently. I think we might get to the point where the GPUs aren’t powerful enough for the sort of PPI in these things (for Sims at least)

EDIT: Apparently they are working with LG on the 18 megapixel(!) display, with foveated rendering mentioned, so maybe we will be able to run it one day on our 2080ti’s:

“The world’s highest resolution (18 megapixel, 1443 ppi) OLED-on-glass display was developed. White OLED with color filter structure was used for high-density pixelization, and an n-type LTPS backplane was chosen for higher electron mobility compared to mobile phone displays. A custom high bandwidth driver IC was fabricated. Foveated driving logic for VR and AR applications was implemented.”


ahh. wow!