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That thing looks like it’d gum up with dust and break in a month. I dunno…that one doesn’t scream buy to me. I’d be happy with just a nice cockpit/seat setup at this point though.


The Oculus Rift actually keeps the panels powered up when plugged in to prevent fogging of the lenses. It uses a sensor on the inside of when to show ‘non black’ LED display. @Linebacker was incorrect about as much as you can be on this.


You absolutely need an anti-fog spray or a heater for the Oculus Rift if you want to be competitive with physically active simulations.


Never had an issue with fogging. Maybe your unit is defective.


Could be a level of perspiration thing. Maybe he sweats way more?


Could be.


Well, scarring your face with fire prevent any perspiration but…


that seems a little drastic…


:fearful: Oh gods, sorry!:anguished: Of course I wasn’t suggesting that! :confounded:


Suggestion One, warm it up with a hair drier. BE CAREFULL not to melt it
Suggestion two. Keep the room cool so you don’t sweat so much.


suggestion three: put a fan on your desk to coolyou, your face and the rift. did that last summer to prevent sweat-aggravated oculusface.


Water cooled Rift. You read it here first.


Probably the wrong place to ask this and any mods please feel free to move as necessary.

For those of you flying the A-10C in VR, how are you obtaining a proper seat position so that you can both see all of the HUD and not feel like you are with your face on the MFCD’s while also not needing to be a contortionist to reach the radio and lights panels? I’ve tried the lean forward and recenter the view thing which works for the distance to the MFCD’s and the side panels, but I have problems viewing all of the information in the HUD and it feels like I’m constantly fiddling with my seat height via the seat height switch.


I’ve been using the CTRL - numpad keys to move around a bit too. I just feel a bit cramped (as in too close to the panel) with the default view…even though it may be accurate. So I tend to back up a little bit and raise my seat slightly.


I don’t remember if we were putting games in here too or not, but here’s a real fun one, although not recommended if you don’t want to sweat. Also waterproof vrcovers would be a massive benefit here as well.


As an update to my HUD issues posted previously in VR, I stumbled across a post on the ED forums where somebody bound the in cockpit camera (forward, backward, up and down) to the trim button plus the pinky bar on the Warthog HOTAS. This worked absolutely fantastic for me in the two VR flights I flew last evening. Allowed me to access the rear side panels easily and then go back to getting a full picture via the HUD.


I have the push function of the throttle thumb hat mapped to reset-view. It recenters the oculus viewpoint. If I lean down and forward a bit, then press it, I get the desired effect. Just one control instead of 4. I have VR zoom on the pinky switch on the stick (the one behind the paddle) and mapped these controls also in Il-2 BoX which makes at least the VR controls the same across both sims.


If you use the pinky switch, doesn’t that cause you problems on takeoff and landing where you are zooming in VR while also engaging/disengaging nosewheel steering? (On the A-10)


Well I have three switches on my HOTAS that never get bound to the “proper” switch. I am not a real life A-10C pilot, so I won’t really notice.

The grey right hand pinky switch is VR zoom. The right hand pinky paddle is shift. The left hand thumb hat press click is VR head reset.

Now that means at least three functions need new homes, such as the A-10 nose wheel. Luckily, the paddle shift opens up a lot of room on the HOTAS, so nosewheel on the A-10 for example goes to “paddle+trigger”.


Thanks. I think I’m settling on the VR zoom being tied to a combo of the Warthog paddle shift and the EAC switch on the throttle. I like having things on the switch as opposed to a button as sometimes I’m using the mouse at the same time and having to hold down a button to stay zoomed in while also fumbling for the mouse seems like disaster.