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Interesting new consortium and the VirtualLink specification …



A nice combined DisplayPort 1.4, USB 3.1 and 27W power cable, all combined. Nvidia next card is rumored to have this for their ‘VR’ cards next up.

I wonder if they’ll be an adapter or breakout box for Rift / Vive 1.0’s, allowing you to run the old headset on the new GPU. I somehow doubt it, but nature will find a way.

The nicest thing is that if this spec takes with both NVidia and AMD then the headset people don’t have to waste money on breakout boxes per headset - making things a bit easier to make/sell.


Ya, that USB-C port sounds pretty rad! Four high-speed HBR3 DisplayPort lanes plus the USB 3.1! (and enough headroom for future plans)

Anything to make it easier for people to adopt VR is good.

I was wondering what that new charging port on my new Samsung A8 cell was called LOL! USB-C! But why on a cellphone?


I think Samsung used it because you can plug it in both ways. At least on my S9.


Ah yes! This works. Thanks @Aginor.




Interesting read…


After watching a review video of both units on YT, that’s the conclusion I had basically come to as well. (That the 5k plus might be the better set.)


Is there anywhere you will be able to demo the Pimax offerings? This is definitely a case where I’d try before I buy. I’m so happy with Oculus though, at this point I might just wait it out and see what is on the near horizon.


Dibs on dismissed Oculus CV 1. Or Vive, I’m not picky.


Oculus Connect 5 Stream (1300 EDT)


I’m not usually one prone to gut reaction, preferring to hear from the experts before commenting. But in this case, I can’t help but feel supremely underwhelmed. Perhaps it is too high a mountain to climb, given current hardware, to improve the visual experience. Basically the Quest appears to be a wireless Rift bundled with Touch controllers, for the same price, $399. Meh. Will keep watching.

I’m sorry, but the Rift is no longer “the gold standard”. Or am I wrong?


Well, wireless and built in sensors is a step forward. And the 1600x1440 res is better than the 1200x1080 of the Rift.
Maybe not a quantum leap perhaps, but a notable improvement.

We’ll see how well it performs.

As for a gold standard…? It’s more than just the specs. What I like about the Rift is how comfortable it is, and how well it works. I’ve had it for two years, and there’s been very little trouble.


Better resolution is awesome.
Tracking already is fine on oculus but what I really would like is better lenses, less optical artifacts when there’s bright bits on a dark background.


1600x1440 per eye is exactly what the Samsung Odyssey has been having for almost a year now.
And Vive Pro too, but that one is overpriced.

Probably the same panel in all 3 of them. I know the Vive Pro and Odyssey have exactly the same panel


I haven’t tried the Odyssey, but they way I feel about the resolution in the Rift is that I’d like a little bit more. I don’t need a lot better resoulution, as increased res. means decreased performance.
I honestly didn’t expect a whole lot more from a second gen Oculus. Maybe slightly better FoV…
But, again, it’s not just about the specs. What kind of lenses will it have? What other software improvements will we see?

The Quest may very well be my next VR HMD…


What I heard from Zuckerberg was no Rift v2 and Quest gives “Rift like quality”, to which there was definitely a lackluster audience response. Missed the part about improved resolution. Multitasking at the office. Everything else was good. Will look forward to some reviews.


It also isn’t just about the headset…but the controllers. I don’t have an opinion on any of the other offerings since I haven’t used them, but I do like the feel of the Touch controllers…


They are definitely more refined and ergonomic than those with the Odyssey. But, when Zuckerberg mentioned that it’s also about the hands, I thought they would reveal a new technology, like gloves, or rings, or something less intrusive. Little steps I suppose.

One thing that I didn’t keep in mind is that this is a developer’s conference and I will say that there appeared to be a lot of work in both the end user and developer’s interfaces. Vox Machinae and Lone Echo II looked promising.

Going back to hardware, I’ll agree that killing the sensors and more importantly untethering oneself are pretty important developments for Oculus. And bringing it in well below the Vive Pro’s price is certainly welcome…


I don’t think that it will work for PC gaming, though, will it? Did I misunderstand? I mean I assume that there are other uses for VR than flight sims, are there? :slight_smile: