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No, it’s a stand alone headset, in between the Go and the Rift.
Guess we will have to wait another year or so for a Rift v2.


I expect that Wags will own a Quest most ricky tick :smile: Are you guys saying that they wont be enough bandwidth to run PC games wirelessly? Doesn’t the Vive Pro do this now?


Unless I got it all completely wrong, Quest is a stand alone headset, with it’s own processor and GPU, ie not meant to be connected to a pc at all.
So I doubt there will be any simming on it, other than Ultrawings and such…


What would that be…? :wink:

Looks like you’re right.


Yeah, unfortunately so.
I got to try out a GO the other day, and wow, the lenses and screens in that thing seemed to be a lot better than Rift CV1. And the Quest should be even better I think.
Really looking forward to that Rift 2 now!


I want to see the first modded Quest with dual 2080Tis strapped to the sides and a big fan blowing from the top…


I’ve found a prototype apparatus for liquid cooling


With enough cooling, it will probably appear that FPS goes up… I approve.

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My take: I think there will be a PC VR Rift 2, just that internally they aren’t all on the same hymn sheet on when that should be. Business-wise it makes sense to do stand-alone VR, and some of the original Oculus founders will find that hard to adjust to.

There will always be PC VR, it’s just a $3000 PC to drive it means it can’t be mass market. The R&D will happen on PC headsets, and a lot of advancement will happen there first, but it might not be the bulk of the market.

Just like Volkswagon still have ‘Porsche’, Oculus will have a Rift 2 at some point, it just won’t be marketed or sell as much as a Jetta.

Samsung Odyssey & Odyssey Plus News

“Iribe wasn’t interested in a “race to the bottom” in terms of performance, we are told.”

Facebook. Ugh. There will be a bunch of avatars in VR complaining about restaurants and flipping each other in VR over political views. Super.

I get that we aren’t money makers…so I understand that. I hope a lot of the deeply talented in that realm still want to go for performance and pushing the technology forward rather than just going for maximum profit.


Yeah, that’s an interesting quote (if it is true, TechCrunch isn’t a great source lol) in that it can be taken both ways, as in ‘I am leaving because I disagree with the short-term strategy of price cutting and minor hardware refreshes too soon’ (which means we have a ‘Pimax crusher’ sooner rather than later) or as in ‘I am leaving because you are rushing this amazing new PC headset I had planned, and I think it is worth waiting’ (which means he wanted CV2 to have all the new tech and it is not ready).

My guess is that he wanted to do a ‘Rift Pro’ version as an interim before CV2 high price point i.e. $999 proper in 2021 ish, and Facebook squashed that as confusing the potential Facebook ‘Quest’ VR launch next Spring. Dunno.


Yeah…the “we are told” part of that quote gives me pause. Who knows if he actually said any of that.

It wouldn’t surprise me if we find out Facebook wants to pour all of their efforts to getting people “unconnected” physically and “connected” socially with VR. This kind of turmoil can only be good for HTC and Pimax.

I don’t have a lot of brand loyalty. Whoever comes out with better and faster (regardless of price) will get my order.


Yep! Same here!


Same here to a point. I am conservative by nature in every regard but politics. I will not jump ship to get a 10% gain in pixel density while forced read a pdf manual written in ESL that I downloaded from Dropbox. But if the competition posts a substantial leap in performance and doesn’t require me to edit my registry to make it work with all of my stuff, then yeah, Zuck and the rest can jump in a lake!


Same for me at the end of the day. I love my Rift, no question, but if another company manages to make a better package of resolution, optics, FOV, comfort, and drivers/operating system then I’ll be all over it. Right now, Oculus has IMHO the superior operating system/ drivers. It’s just rock solid and ASW is a huge deal (ASW2 will be amazing).

I’m still hoping that there will be a Rift 2 at some point.


The Oculus dash is nice and generally more stable than the SteamVR betas. As for ASW, it’s actually probably in 3rd place now, as the new SteamVR ASW is very good and the WMR has always had good software for that. ASW2 will require some API changes to titles, so while it looks very good, it will be up to DCS, X-Plane etc to all code for it, which can take a while. For things like IL-2 that uses OpenVR only, it might never have ASW2.


The problem is, that after experiencing both Oculus VR and Open VR, the Oculus solution feels significantly better when using the Rift at least (and this is most definitely just a personal opinion).

The way Facebook is steering things right now, it could well be that I’ll have to jump ship for Gen 2 because Oculus might not be an option for PC gaming. Time will tell I guess.


Well, I agree with you, that’s because it is inefficient using OpenVR on the Rift. The OpenVR is a bunch of translated calls down to the Rift lower level frame compositor because Facebook would never open up their driver to allow another company to access low-level hardware. I wouldn’t be shocked if it was deliberately janky as well, in that what is Facebook’s motivation to make it better?

I don’t blame Facebook really, the headsets aren’t sold for a big profit, because the plan was we would all have to buy Oculus software from the Oculus store. The big appeal of the standalone VR is that they will have full control of the stack top/bottom while on the PC it’s hard to do that. They need a cut of the software sales, and with things like SteamVR about they can’t guarantee that.

I wish there was a CV2 coming soon, as I’m very happy with my Rift, but I don’t want to wait too long.


>me sitting here with my Vive