VR Oculus Quest 2

Facebook pushing for stand alone VR…
But if it can be linked to a pc… it’s still another 4k vr helmet…


Nope. Nope nope nopity nope.

Facebook and oculus can go eat a British pudding for all I care.


Yep they have had the last of my money unfortunately. I even got an email from them the other day confirming our worst fears. Stick it oculus.

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Hmmmmm pudding. I have been enjoying the sticky toffee pudding served at the hotel I’m staying at in the UK for the past week. :grin:

As for the Oculus/Facebook situation, I guess we all knew it was inevitable to some extent. The writing has been on the wall for quite some time.


@Victork2 so does that mean you can still run Oculus without a Facebook account but it will be linked to facebook in the background anyway?

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I haven’t got any Facebook acc. Seems to run fine so far.

The part that pisses me off the most from the agreement above?

“Facebook Ireland”


I guess the think that stands out for me is they discontinuing the Rift S. Are they distancing themselves from PC VR for good or are they hinting the Link will get to a nice enough standard to actually compete (since image compression and upscaling algorithms is getting so much better)? Because if it is the second option, and I’ll guess we’ll see hints of this soon enough with the 90Hz upgrade to link, it’s a darn compelling package. Pudding or not.

I disagree. EDIT: Actually I don’t disagree. It will sell well at such a low price point. It will be a good choice for the PC player who just wants the occasional VR experience. Maybe the player who wants VR for civilian sims and 2D for combat and online. Otherwise… It is a compromise device and compromises rarely lead the market in gaming. On one end we will soon have the PS5. It will run circles around whatever toned down tech exists inside the quest. And it can play all day in 2D with spurts in 3D if the player owns the headset. Swapping between the two modes is how most players who use VR play I think. On the other end are PC enthusiasts who already have high wattage boards powering smooth, complex visuals. This user doesn’t need a headset that’s made a few ounces heavier by having to also serve as a compromise console. The Quest will be great as a social gaming device–perfect for chopping vegetables with friends.


i’m new in vr. so, according to www.oculus.com, quest 2 is awesome, but is it really worth buying? i mean it’s cheaper than quest 1, specs are great, but is there enough high quality vr games? i know there’s a lot of porn :wink:

Hi and a warm welcome to Mudspike! :mudspike:
I have the Oculus Rift S myself, and I use it almost exclusively for flightsims.
So I guess it depends on what kind of games you’re looking for…
I recent release for the Oculus Go is Space Shuttle VR. It’s due for the Quest and other VR headsets soon.

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From what I gather you can still run oculus without a Facebook account. I don’t have one, never had.

The Quest 2 seems like a homerun for the discerning simmer. $299 plus the cost of the link cable gets you great image quality under $400 with best in class (IMO) inside out tracking.

Reviews seem to put the picture above that of the rift S, which also IMO is great, albeit not as sharp as the higher end sets.

Looks like the perfect gateway into VR.

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Mine still works. But the terms of service have changed and you have to accept them. Its only a matter of time before it changes though

If it came down to me having to create a Facebook account to continue using VR, I’d just attach a fake name/email.

This website and discord are about as social as my media gets.

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Same here.i hate it all

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So on a whim I ordered the Quest 2. I was using a Rift CV1 for the past couple years and it works well. The Quest 2 is neat in the stand alone concept, I have yet to download any real games for it since I am still on the fence about keeping it. I am mostly interested in replacing my CV1 with something that doesn’t require the extra sensors. I was going to go with a Rift S but that is being killed off, I don’t mind too much waiting and paying more for the G2 but wanted to try this out. I purchased a 10 foot USB-C to USB-C 3 gen 2 cable to use with link. When I play DCS offline it is smooth and comparable to the CV1. When I hop online it becomes a stuttering mess. So I figured it had something to do with multiplayer and was getting ready to pack this thing back up when I figured I would try it on another game. So I loaded up Star Wars Squadrons and it was perfectly smooth in both single player and multiplayer. So now I am confused. Maybe I have a setting messed up in DCS? Maybe DCS just doesn’t like the link method? When I test the connection speed in the Oculus program I only get 2.6 Gb/s even though this is supposed to be a 10 Gb/s cable. I don’t know if that is fast enough or if it is a problem with my motherboard USB-C port or what. I may have to try some more games to see how they perform. Maybe Half-life Alyx.

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It sounds similar to my experiences with the cv1 rift …DC’s runs nicely at about 45fps on single player but drops to a barely playable 20fps on some mp servers yet when myself and Maico have Been flying on his server with fairly basic missions it was back to a very nice 45fps … hollow point and hp north both seem to drop to un-playable levels, but if I try the erlsis mission single player again it’s fine …

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I believe the quest 2 has higher resolution than the rift, so it may be your video card chugging with the higher demand of multiplayer. If it’s running fine in single player, that would indicate the cable isn’t the issue.

How is the image quality compared to Rift?

Image quality seems to be the same as on CV1. I am not really seeing any huge improvement. I have a new build with a 2070 card so I would hope that is enough to handle the Oculus Link. When I used my CV1 on my old computer with a 1070 it was fine.

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