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My fellow pilots,
This weekend I found that playing with the settings can be a rewarding, satisfying and sometimes frustrating. I have been meaning to ask on here about settings. I figured the best thing was to start this thread.
First my specs. This old box has an AS Rock X99X mobo with a Water cooled Intel 5930 3.5Ghz proc. There is 32 Gigs of Gskills DDR4 3000 PC 2400 but only 24 Gigs are showing because I got two dead slots. I have never run a program that used more than 9 Gigs of memory so… I think anything above 16Gigs is overkill, correct me if I am wrong(please). Video card is the EVGA 1080 water cooled jobbie and its a great card. No Ti for me until I build another box. I run everything on SSD’s except storage. I just switched over to Win10. It really made a big difference on how my machine runs and I get better in game performance.
DCS. In DCS I found that less is better. NO AA. AF does not seem to affect how the game looks so I got it off. Textures are medium and terrain textures low. Heat Blur on low seems to be ok. Water is medium because I cant stand to look at the low water. I run the VR at 1.5. I’m doing this by momory so I will post more on my settings later.
IL2 Seems to run a lot smoother these days. Last night I turned on Sharpen and this made a big difference without affecting performance.
Please post your settings and suggestions. I really want to get VR smart before the Tomcat and the Hornet get here.

Thanks All.


I have been tweaking my settings in DCS too. In 2.2 I have now got a PD of 1.5 and my settings are in the picture. Last night on the 229th with lots of units I got 90fps in NTTR, not over the town and then we had a mission in Normandy where it never dropped below 45. I think the 5.2Ghz overclock is the key, DCS seems to like fast CPU

Thanks for your reply. I will try an overclock again.
Here is a good video on the subject.

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The sharpen thing in il2 is neat. Made a difference in my rift. Wish DCS had that too.

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Ok, I had a night of awesomeness thanks to Cib and Jabbers video. I was able to get my overclock going again. My poor fragile Mobo is about month or two away from the trash can. I got a 4Ghz overclock and that alone put my fps through the roof. I decided to turn up my settings from low and med to High. I still don’t use civ traffic but everything else is turned up and cockpit textures at 1024. It was truly amazing. My first Dogfight I was able to see the Sabers way off in the distance. During the fight, I was picking up the enemy way faster with my vision. This really paid off. The Harrier cockpit looks amazing. Is it just me, or does the MiG-21 seem really hard on hardware. My fps was acceptable in the MiG but higher in everything else.
Here is what I learned this week. NO AA, AF can be maxed if your machine can handle it. Textures, Water ect can be run on high. Shadows cost too much so medium is fine. Trees must be run above 10000 or else you get the popping effect and that is just weird.
A jump to BoK and there the whole world came alive. Better trees, better sky and even the water looked better. It was a real joy to get such an improvement by spending 2 minutes In the BIOS. This is Free performance.
Thanks for posting guys, Thank You Cib and Jabbers.

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I just wish I could get rid of the stuttering.
I’ve tried by removing the MAXFPS line from the lua and most other tricks. Just not getting the performance I expect from a good machine and recommended VR settings.

I have troubleshot stutters pretty much since Normandy was released.
A couple of my fixes
What system have you?

I’m running an i7 6700, 32 Gigs DDR4 RAM, SSD, Win 10, nVidia 980

Wow, there’s A LOT of compromise on detail going on here just to get that “VR feeling”. Even if you have a top of the line VR gaming rig, you’re still going to have to deal with a visual range that’s stuck at a level I call “life threatening” in combat sim terms. Like … WTF?

I’m LOVING blurry virtual golf though! :smiley:

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Well, since that ”VR feeling” is important, it’s worth compromises.
What I discovered when I got VR, is that the sims I fly these days look a lot better on low settings, than sims did on high settings, just a few years ago.

But yeah, VR puts you in a disadvantage in many ways, when comparing to a 2D high res. screen with TrackIR. Situational awareness is great in VR though, and that coveted ”VR feeling” of immersion and realism, is awesome!

I see a lot of people complaining that you can’t see enemies at a distance, and that you no longer can keep your viewing distance at max. I don’t think most people are aware of how hard it is to get a visual with other aircraft in real life, and just how impaired the viewing distance normally is, due to air particles and moisture.

So, I guess that it all depends on what is important to the user. Is it important to be competitive in the multiplayer arena, or is the immersion and realism more important?

I guess the biggest drawback with VR today is the competitive gap, that makes multiplayer almost impossible, against non-VR users.

Now days I consider TrackIR to be cheating, because that’s ridiculously easy, compared to :vr:

Is there a VR only multiplayer server…?

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Also, I find making gun kills in VR infinitely easier than in 2D. The feeling of flight is also so much better in VR, I am never going back. The HMD is as much an essential flight simming peripheral as the HOTAS is.


That’s true. Lots of precision maneuvering is easier, or actually just more natural and realistic, with depth perception. Gunning, refueling, formation, hovering…

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I agree, right up to the point where I took a shot at my F86 wingman… it looks just like a MiG15 in VR…
A new problem cropped up yesterday. My rig is not holding the Overclock very consistently. But now the damage has been done, I see how much better it looked in 4.0Ghz with the ram running at 3000. My wallet is under threat again…


As it does in real life… :wink:
There were several friendly fire incidents in Korea.

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Can anyone advise me how or if it’s possible to disable Oculus ASW in DCS? I don’t find that I get sick by lower FPS and the visual aberrations of ASW are pretty annoying, especially through rotor and prop discs. I have it disable in the Oculus tray tool but it doesn’t seem to be able to control it.

try ctrl-1 or ctrl-4 (numpad numbers)

I have a registry tweak to turn it on or off. I can upload it later. I got it from ED forumASW.7z (29.0 KB)

The problem is that most non-pilots have a hard time understanding just how hard it is to see other airplanes (even large airliners) unless the lighting is right, the aspect is right, and the relative movement is significant. A contrail is a huge help of course.

When I flew my first aircraft that was equipped with traffic awareness technology it was quite sobering to see how many aircraft were out there that I would never have seen without knowing precisely where to look.


Thanks, I’ve tried the ctrl-1 and other numbers before with no luck but never tried this method.

This, and they want unlimited visibility :smiley:

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