One too many margaritas…


Took the F/A-26B up for a spin this morning…I have no idea what I’m doing…


@BeachAV8R when that missile hit you I dropped my phone.

That game looks intense! I so need VR


By the way…the “I don’t know if I’m in control” part after the wings came off was legit because I wasn’t privy to the external view - that is being mirrored automatically to my monitor (which I can’t see in VR) and recording simultaneously, but I’m only seeing the right hand window in VR. I guess I could have looked out the window to check the damage…


I thought you were joking lol! Awesome!


Took a video today of the short startup, catapult launch, quick refuel, and landing…


Do you pull for power in that thing? That would be crazy! Like pull to speed up?


Yes. Yes you do. :salute:



OMgah. That would break my mind. I saw you look down(ish) at the controls, saw the collective and thought … No. No. No. That’s going to cause some problems for me :slight_smile:

Sane people push for power … and the Navy/Bell-Boeing agree! :slight_smile:

For the V22 Osprey (source):

The TCL moves fore and aft just like an airplane throttle, unlike a helicopter collective. It does operate as a collective control, however, and becomes a traditional throttle during the transition. While this may seem counter-intuitive to helicopter pilots, it actually makes a lot of sense, because regardless of the mode of flight, youre always doing the same thing: controlling the thrust vector. Forward on the TCL in helicopter mode is the same as raising the collective in a helicopter, and vice versa. The first couple of hours for helicopter pilots transitioning to the Osprey highlight a bit of collective dyslexia, but very quickly it never becomes a further problem.


Not trying to convince anyone of anything other than the fact that I may not be insane. I am sure that this forum can provide a great character witness to my sanity. :slight_smile:


Spent an hour flying the weapons training mission tonight. This sim is so much fun at night. Slaving the TGP to the helmet mounted cueing system with its night vision and zoom capability is awesome. Since the TGP is outside of the cockpit, you can look through the cockpit essentially (up to the gimbal limits of the TGP of course).


Community member “Calius” created Calius Island v1 - can’t wait to give it a whirl…


Anti-ship cruise missiles are awesome…


Over Calius Island…

Picking up some go juice…


Not if you are on the ship! :scream:



VTOL VR is on sale now for 20% off by the way ($23.99):


Sweet thanks. I didn’t get the notice. Might be because I listed it on oculus home instead.


#$^%@# oculus :angry: not only does their software suck donkey testicles, they punish me for being an early adopter by keeping those controllers at a stupidly high price point. The goggles cost almost half what I paid for mine and includes those things. I feel unjustly treated by them and have zero interest in giving them a single one of my hard earned dimes.

I also really want to play this.


Hate to say it, cause they are expensive, but they are so worth it IMHO. When you reach out and see your hands in virtual space moving and reacting the same way your hands are in real world?.. well that’s a whole new level of immersion. Like VR +20%. The oculus controllers in particular are super comfortable. Ebay maybe?


Dammit I just bought this yesterday! :tired_face::sob: