IIRC you can ask back a refund and rebuy it for that exact reason.
Steam is actually a cool guy.


Yeah I think you’re right, but tbh its like 5 bucks difference and after playing it I think the dev did/is doing a pretty cool job with it so I probably won’t bother.




Seriously, just buy a set. By far the best VR controllers out there and well worth the asking price.


In the night mission video I posted yesterday, I mistaken stated that the F/A-26B canopy bow handles were kind of useless since the plane tended to want to sink off the catapult (the system is like the automated takeoff of the F/A-18). The developer chimed in and told me I had missed a step - there IS a CATO (Catapult Assisted Take Off) switch that should be thrown and then indeed the cat launch is hands off with a positive pitch after leaving the deck.

Here is the switch I missed:

And the previous mission video:


Trailer for an in-design campaign by Aegrim:


Fun little formation flight mission created by Fyrcat. The goal is to stay close, but not too close throughout the short flight. Outtakes at the end… :blush:


…not making your real passengers comfortable… :scream:



Uh oh. If I actually learn how to fly this thing without jerking it around the sky, and I can figure out how to blow things up (that tutorial went terribly) I’m in trouble…

Feel like the instructions for this could be a bit better (had to youtube a video to figure out how to change which weapon is selected for example), but ooooh boy this is fun so far! My first landing was uh… well, it landed, and with only a minor bump… but thank goodness I wasn’t being graded… left, right, wings dipping all over… thank you air brakes… I mean, wow that was a brutal.

In my defence, this is literally my first time flying in VR aside from a horrible experience with flyinside for xp11 where I couldn’t see anything anyway.

Anyway… wow. Very much enjoyed.


Here is a great series of tutorials by the way…short and to the point…and well put together:


Some daylight footage I took of Calius Island for the map creator to share on his Reddit maps page…


Humble brag!


Ha…it is pretty nice on Discord that everyone has access to the developer. Crazy to think VTOL VR is all a one-man show. Granted, the support from the community is pretty good with regards to making missions and maps, but all the core stuff is all @BahamutoD. He pays attention to all the messages and even adds in some features that he thinks work with the sim.

Here is an interesting (sometimes awkward) interview with the developer (Paolo Encarnacion) that makes for a good listen on the drive in to work…


Mission Editor

  • Added default behavior settings for sea units
  • Custom maps are now copied (“packed”) into the scenario/campaign folder when scenario is saved*
  • Fixed audio resources not being cleaned up properly when event actions referencing them are deleted
  • Added “Platform” static object
  • Added ability to move static objects
  • Fixed: Orbit Waypoint event action on single unit did not apply radius and altitude settings


  • Fixed ARMs sometimes having trouble locking targets
  • Added launch zone indicator for IR missiles
  • Added AIM-120 x2 mount for F/A-26B equipment
  • Added AGM-88 launcher for F/A-26B outer external tank hardpoints
  • Added larger droptank to F/A-26B equipment
  • Added conformal fuel tanks to F/A-26B equipment
  • Increased gear suspension spring and damper values
  • Increased internal fuel capacity by ~14%


  • CIWS and AAA units use now radar to track targets
  • Reduced the accuracy of gun turrets that do not use radar tracking


Boggles my mind. The amount of energy and focus required is unbelievable. I hold authors who can pump out quality books in a couple months in the same awe. Exactly two times in my life, a short story seemed to write itself. They came out great. I can’t imagine that type of spooky conduit remaining open for so long and so consistently. Some people are just made to do certain things, as if it is in their genetic code…



Desert Cobra

  • Fixed issues with objectives in mission 3
  • Fixed AAA and CIWS did not turn off its radar when out of ammo
  • Fixed error that caused gun turret to be stuck on firing if radar lock was lost while firing
  • Reduced radius where AAA and CIWS turn on radar
  • Fixed some issues with bombers’ bombing behavior
  • Fixed gun turrets that do not require radars not working


  • Made it easier to grab scrollbar in vehicle configurator
  • Fixed improper heightmaps packed in built-in campaigns (some units were underground in desert cobra)


Another Calius creation in the making…


Checking out Cake Island…if you have a fear of heights, this map is not for you…


Isn’t that last screen shot from the Sistine Chapel? :wink:


Update v0.0.11 – The default branch has been updated to the most recent version from the test branch! The rest of the week will be spent on making sure the default branch is reasonably stable, as well as updating promotional media to show off the game in its current state. Meanwhile, we’ll continue to make major progress on the test branch.