I really need to sink some more time into VTOL VR. Looks like you had a fun mission!


It was Mission #4 of The Island campaign. I should really try to figure out the mission editor and write my first campaign for a sim…something that has been on my wish list to do for decades…


This is a nice tactic to save some mission money…if you have a tanker as part of your mission flight plan, you can take off a bunch of fuel to save money and just hit the tanker. In this mission, it just so happens that the wingmen have to tank as well…so it definitely helps with the mission budget…

Flight cost with full fuel launch is $17,000…

That drops to $12905 with just 470L of fuel. Of course, make sure you have enough to takeoff, climb to the tanker, dance with it a bit (or allow your wingmen to fuel first) or you could run out!


Woot…! Hellfires and Mavericks and MK-82AIRs unlocked!


Fun mission. Take the wingmen up to refuel, check out the island, take out an enemy recon squad, pick up some friendlies and ferry them back to the carrier…


New VTOL VR promo video by the developer:


Likely a dumb question…does this work without VR?


Not a dumb question - but no, it does require a VR headset. :vr:




  • Added new drop tanks and conformal fuel tanks to AI F/A-26B equipment


  • Fixed taxiing aircraft not continuing if an aircraft ahead of them in line is destroyed


  • Fixed incorrect material used on infinite terrain borders (broken in 11f3)
  • Fixed “missing map” issue on campaigns and scenarios with packed maps when map is not in custom maps folder
  • Removed temporary mission files


And VR controllers.


Good point. Hard to fly it with Jedi mind control…


Once you go down that rabbit hole you won’t believe the amount of time it will suck up. That’s not an attempt to stop you since quite often I have more fun making the missions and trying to get things to work predictably. Of course no matter how much I test the missions once you get someone else thrown into the mix they can always cause something to happen that I didn’t predict. Quite often with hilarious results, to me anyway.



But not impossible…

Seriously though… this is the closest I’ve ever been to actually buying VR + controls for one game…
Goshdarnit, @BeachAV8R… you’re good- Really good.


Urban dustoff. Fun mission by Nickvr628 and the opening mission of his campaign. Tough one with enemy IR SAMs sprinkled in the city and a nice urban firefight going on. I like the way my landing light casts a shadow of the trooper on the building in the background…


Some WIP shots of the new Calius created island. This one comes in three flavors: winter, desert, and tropical…although tropical does kind of look more like alpine forest I think…

I think I see Richard Dreyfuss down there…

Looks like the kind of place @Troll would fly into…


Close air support over a city. Dodging MANPADS and trying to avoid any friendly fire incidents…

Keep your heads down BLUE…this one is going to be close (bad axis of attack…I know…)

Coming in for the extraction…


Testing overweight takeoff conditions. Interested in the flight modeling. And it is very, very good.

Testing Vmca conditions on a single engine…better flight modeling than many big development studios…


I really tried to like Starship Troopers.



Next time read\watch it as a parody.


I thought it was a documentary??!! :open_mouth: