…and MULTIPLAYER, right? Right?


Haha…it is probably the single most asked question on the VTOL Discord channel. The answer is always the same…“focus right now is on single-player features, missions, and finalizing the game”. Others have pointed out that the developer (who is one guy) does not have net coding experience…so whether we get MP or not is a question still to be answered. Man, I hope so though…I’ll be pretty disappointed if I never get to fly it with others.




  • Fixed: radar gun turrets did not turn off radar when set to not engage enemies
  • Fixed: radar gun turrets did not turn off radar when targets were no longer within range


  • Fixed issues when turning off radar while targets are locked/tracked


  • Fixed: dead wingmen still responded to radio comms


  • Temporarily disabled quicksave/load features





  • Fixed Manta UCAV description in mission editor Mission Editor
  • Fixed: “M” key triggered measurement tool (not intended)

AI Pilots

  • Fixed: pilot performing VTOL takeoff wouldn’t execute a command given to them while taking off (affected Open Water mission)


So I guess maps of up to 300 x 300 km are possible. Would make for some cool long missions requiring refueling perhaps…




  • Fixed memory not being properly cleaned up after unloading a map
  • Fixed map loading procedure to remove hiccup after loading map with infinite terrain borders


Well that’s 100% less creepy :joy:




Someone experimenting with trying to get the AV-42Cs to take-off from one of the destroyers…


Having fun with some GPS bombs (GBU-38) today. Going with the precision strike loadout: 9x GBU-38, 4x AGM-65 on the F/A-26B…

First thing is to find the targets with the TGP. Orbiting safely at a distance you can designate each target, hit the GPS-S button to add the target to a targeting list. This technique only works for stationary targets obviously.

You can have multiple groups of targets with multiple targets in each group. This makes for a nice logic on strikes where you may want to prioritize targets based on threat level.

Armed and ready to go!

Make sure your drop option is set to AUTO, which cycles through the target list in that GROUP, picking a new target in the list with each press of the pickle button. Wait for the GPS marked target icons (diamonds) to drop into the circle on the HUD (weapons engagement zone? dunno what it is called)…

Press the pickle button for as many targets as you have, in this case, four times. You are free to maneuver and even gimbal lock the TGP since they are GPS guided. Boom x 4…!

Using the HMCS (Helmet Mounted Cueing System) over the shoulder to find and mark another target…


Out of weapons, back to the carrier…


This really is science fiction!!! :wink::laughing:

OK, perhaps a bit over the top its just anyone who has suffered through the SACEUR VTCs during Operation ALLIED FORCE would love to have a magic button that automatically adds targets to the targeting list without going through :star::star::star::star:pain.


I can’t remember specifically how it is done…but you can sort of do the same thing with the DCS: A-10C using the MARK function I think. Like, you use the TGP to create MARK points, then switch to the MARK function on the CDU. Then I guess you could switch to GPS bombs, cycle through the MARK waypoints and drop them in a pretty short succession.

Ah…here it is…(lol…some language - NSFW)


It is semantics. A huge difference between CAS and similar “Kill Box” mobile targeting, done in the air, (as shown in the video) and the fixed installation target targeting done at HQ levels.

Technically a targeting list is a Joint Targeting List (JTL). It is something that is developed and kept by the Joint Task Force (JTF) conducting the operation. The JTF J2 is responsible for developing the list, assigning targets based on the Commander’s Intent and guidance. He/she has an entire targeting shop that maintains and manages the targeting list as well as develop target folders . The other component force commanders (Air, Maritime, Land) and agencies (DIA, CIA, NSA, etc.) can nominate targets to be added to JTL. Approval of all targets to the JTL–J2 and component commander / agency nominated–is done on a daily basis at the Joint Targeting Board. A flag/general officer from JTF J3 (usually the Deputy J3) chairs the board and is the final approving authority, except when for some reason a target is deemed sensitive. (i.e. next to an orphanage, will damage something historic, will interrupt some vital civilian infrastructure, etc. - criteria for “sensitive” are promulgated ahead of time.) In those cases, the approval authority rest with the commander of the JTF and those decisions are added to the agenda for one of his/her daily meetings.

In 1999, GEN Wesley Clark USA was SACEUR and USEUCOM and was the NATO commander and JTF commander for ALLIED FORCE . He held at least one VTC a day where sensitive targets might be discussed. If you have ever experienced the Wes Clark show, you know why “I make joke”…its a laughing on the outside, crying on the inside kind of thing. :hushed:

I saw the words “target list” and immediately had flashbacks…“Stuttgart…damn I’m still in Stuttgart”




On approach to the hospital pad…


shorty tryna see over the dash…



40° nozzle takeoff with a heavy load…

Mission accomplished…!

Helping a lost wingman find the tanker…


Scramble…the fleet is under attack…!

Heavy load…have to be careful as we tilt the nozzles forward to gain enough momentum as the wings start to take the load. Catapults were all full with the scramble, so we staggered off the deck in vertical mode…

Formed up with my CAP for a counter-attack…

Thankful for my CAP…they will take on the drone fighters launched from the missile ships…

Targeting the missile launchers on the enemy ship…defang them first, then finish up later…

Saturating the airspace over the enemy fleet means I can sneak it with fewer missiles pointed my way…

Where’d he go? Where’d whooooooo goooooo?

Saving the bombs for when things calm down a bit. I haven’t earned high drag bombs yet for this campaign…they would have been helpful here…

Significant damage done to their missile boats. Our whole gaggle returns to the carrier. Two passes and both with foul decks as planes move around…

Now we are much lighter so the direct vertical landing to one of the elevators is a better option…