What did I just watch? :rofl:


A developer has to have goals…


This video is great. The part at 2:20 is hilarious where he picks a “new” song…haha…


Guy’s got moves. But let the record show that you were the first to do this I believe. He might have even paid a touch of tribute with the Macarena riff in the bit.


Is it just me or was anyone expecting a SAM to blow him out of the air near the end of the Queen song :slight_smile:

EDIT: And I think that this captures the spirit of Mudspike :slight_smile:


Some new bridges coming in the mission editor. And apparently, earlier today somebody spotted a GIF of the next new airplane to be coming to VTOL in action. The developer didn’t mean to have it in his GIF album, and I can’t find it, but it was there for awhile I guess…


Flew the second mission of the really fun Regime campaign. It uses a custom map created by NickVR628:

Regime Campaign

Starting out with two wingmen from an interesting start position, the helo deck of one of the destroyers…

You have a limited ordnance load on this mission that cannot be altered. Two Mavericks, six JDAMs, two rocket pods, and the gun…so choose your shots carefully!

Rifle! Was interesting to see that accelerating the aircraft causes the dynamic launch zone to increase. Another really cool bit of detail that you might not expect to see…

Watching over the insertion of troops…

Helmet mounted sight…watching the insertion…

Cleaning up some enemies as the ground troops advance…


I so want to try this, but still no HOTAS support?

I knows it VR only and touch controllers ETC, but I cant go that way, its not right :slight_smile: + it might be sending signals to other future flight sim Devs … these guys really dont care, we can get away with this and before we know it … no more TM, CH or Virpil … Saitek have already pretty much folded.

Much as I would like to try this game … I wont, not until it gets proper PC HOTAS support.


No hardware support except for rudder inputs (which I don’t use). The reason VTOL VR is the way it is is because it is designed from the ground up to BE a VR controller only sim. It does it to perfection and it is the most natural feeling sim I’ve flown in VR. The obstacle to natural interaction with cockpit controls (to include switches and MFDs) is that with most sims, you have to take your hands off the hardware controllers, find the VR hand controllers, complete your action, then put them down and reassume your hardware controllers. There is a lot of natural feel lost in all those movements. VTOL VR feels great, natural, and duplicates movements around a cockpit better than any sim I’ve experienced. I applaud that they are branching into a new direction. I love my HOTAS and I think there will be plenty of room for it with most other sims. For this sim in particular it would be a step backwards.


I agree! Using the VR controllers works really well!
In the future I’m hoping for thin non-intrusive haptic VR gloves, so I can use both physical HOTAS controllers and interact with the VR environment, using my hands. But, we’re not quite there yet.


That is totally your loss :grin:

HOTAS-free is closer to reality—and far more precise than the nonsense we are forced to use when we belly-up to a desktop. But I too use that nonsense because I have to. DCS provides no other option and the need for a multitude of buttons makes a good setup essential. But it’s not how our hands or our heads fly.

Flying machines typically have large control throws which allow for a level of precision that is impossible to achieve with the 4 inches either side of neutral that most sticks provide. Oh, and “neutral”. It is not a fixed entity. It moves as conditions change in both airplanes and helicopters. Modeling this behavior properly is only possible with a force-sensing stick for FBW types and force-feedback for everything else. Stepping away from the desk let’s you have the full control freedom of travel that you enjoy in the real machine. Another benefit is the precision of input. With VR controllers there is no spring slack, no pot spikes, no need for curves or other input crutches. I am so thrilled with flying this way that it has become my only input method in X-Plane. You can land any helicopter anywhere in conditions that would be far more difficult to manage with a stick because even the most expensive sticks lack proper throw and precision. I’ll admit that going HOTAS-free is far from perfect. Obviously there is no feedback. But funny enough, after you give your brain the time it needs to adjust to this wonderful new way of flying, you will sense a need for trim just based on wrist or arm position. There is an illusion of force as your hand moves further from the in-trim, or neutral, position. Another negative is that unless you can rest your wrist on your thigh or armrest, it is very easy to make inadvertent inputs as you move around—or forget to let go before moving your hand to actuate a switch. And finally, the twist for rudder is always going to be a compromise. It is very precise in VTOLVR but I still find that I make unintended cross inputs. I now do what I do with X-Plane: use my pedals. With a long cord it can slide four feet from the desk—far enough for the Oculus sensors to capture all my movements.

VTOLVR was my introduction to flying this way successfully. But I was so thrilled with it that, as I mentioned, I applied it to X-Plane. And then I used it in a very practical way by familiarizing myself with the 757 before actually training on it. Being away from the desk allowed me to be in the cockpit and move naturally as I would later in the actual plane. All switches were exactly where they would prove to be in reality. It’s a big space. And it is impossible to interact with that space seated behind a desk. Flying a jet with a moving stabilizer using a desktop stick is as much a compromise than just using your mouse as the X and Y input. I can handfly an ILS in the middle of my room and nail it just as precisely as I can with the stick, maybe better despite the use of the right controller’s thumbstick for throttles (another compromise.)

So that’s my stump speech. And I will keep repeating it until my typing fingers get horse.


So you are making a few enemies among the virtual Aviation Boatswain Mates who have to re-non-skid the flight deck every time you burn it up with a vert take off or landing.

Which is why Harries have water injection in their exhaust. (…and which is why it rained inside my JIC on USS GUAM a couple of times…a long story.) For authenticity, it might be cool if they cold add something similar…maybe liquid N2? Just a thought.


Calius Devils Islands v1.0 has been released by Calius.

“Welcome to Devils Islands. Created for mission makers who want an East/West Island for combat carrier operations. This map comes with a Desert, Pacific, and Arctic variants. Includes a demo mission to experience the island - you have a wingman with varying targets to take out as you see fit.”

Download Link


This was one of my greatest surprises with VTOL. I was skeptical, but with my chair arms, I rest my forearm on the padded chair arms and the bottom of my O+ hand controller also rests on the padding, providing a pivot point. The Rift Touch controller similarly can rest like that, but the slightly longer O+ controller actually benefits from the pivot point a bit more. Anyway, I was amazed at how precisely I can fly the VTOL planes. Refueling, hovering, carrier landings are all precisely flown but still feel very dynamic with the game’s nice flight modeling.

I think @Troll is right, the ultimate might be finger tracking in the future, because that is my biggest obstacle with games like DCS or X-Plane where I’m using my hardware controllers. I get around it, and I could fall into the mouse control just fine, but once you experience that seamless feel with something like VTOL or Aerofly FS 2 with regards to hand controller interaction, it is a pretty compelling feeling.

I need to try this. I haven’t been keeping up with X-Plane and VR, and I’m obviously a helo freak, so I need to break out some of my helicopters and give it a whirl as it were.

Yeah, I’ve felt that too. Particularly during hard maneuvering where I’m also trying to keep the ground target in sight over my shoulder or something…oddly enough, the strain of physically moving so much sort of has a unintended consequence of making the hand controllers feel more real. Weird physiological/brain connection thing going on there.

This would make an interesting front page article!

Again, one of the fun things about VTOL VR is that there is a certain suspension of disbelief that you can entertain since some of it is flight of fantasy but rooted mostly in things we are familiar with. I mean, if you look at the wings of the VTOL compared to its bulk, troops, and weapons load, they probably look impossibly small or have too high of a wing loading, but I choose to think the engines are some super cool futuristic thing that have insane power output.

Honestly, I can’t wait to write this review for VTOL VR. I know I’ve been saying it for months (going on years), and I was actually sitting down to write it a few days ago, but felt hurried again and I want to do it complete justice. New features and community contributions get added nearly weekly, so it makes it a moving target too. Maybe right after the new airplane gets added - I’m pretty excited to see what it is.


Another nice looking map coming from Calius…this time a bit of a Death Valley type environment with lots of valleys and Jedi Canyons for some fun flying and interesting attack tactics…


I see what you are saying. I think the truck thing looks really cool…high wing load notwithstanding. Kind of like the VTOL things in the first Halo…weren’t they called Warthogs?

For me the coolant in the exhaust would be a “balancing factor”. Basically it sets a limit on how long you can just sit in a hover. Such a limit balances the game play. If you cannot hovering indefinitely, it is a forcing function to become more proficient at vertical landing, takeoff and other hovering maneuvers.

Dumping something supercool like N2 into the exhaust should add a cool visual effect.

Then there is the impact if you run out or choose not to use the coolant…maybe starting a fire when dusting off a hot LZ for some smoke cover.



I’ve only bothered with the Hovery One (tech term right there). Is this looking much different to the main flyee one then? :slight_smile:

Perhaps it will have a mid-fan F-35B like?


i literally just clicked buy on this!!

cannot wait to try this after your glowing recommendations!!


You should really try the non-Hovery One (F/A-26B). It is pretty cool. Has an air-to-air radar, and you can try out the option for either side-stick or center mounted stick. Largely the same with regards to avionics and systems…though you must mount a TPOD if you want to use the TGP.

The new one seems to be F-35B like from the initial image and the leaked (and now deleted) GIF.