One aircraft that would be enormous fun in VTOL would be a massive cargo carrier like thing. Because it is sci-fi, they could go to town. Sometimes it’s fun to deliver stuff…



Well played for around an hour or so…first half hour HATED IT! was about to refund it and not say anything on here but i then moved my chair at home around 6 inches allowing me full collective travel on the left…
not refunding it now! its very very well done isnt it!! Once the controls click and i figured out that tapping the touch controls grip the stick until its tapped again it made all the difference.

I am actually blown away. it looks fairly simplistic but there is a lot on content there for the £22.00 i paid. Very pleased with it and I look forward to playing it again tommorow night!!

Thanks Beach that was a great recommendation!


Glad it settled in for you. It takes some time to get used to the hand controllers, but with a bit of practice, they become insanely precise. The key is finding that spot where your arms rest naturally. And wait to you start peeling back the layers of the weapons systems and stuff…it feels like I’m always discovering something with the game. And you have to go try the air-to-air refueling. Something about that is very satisfying. Oh, and the carrier landings…even though the AV-42C is vertical landing capable, I sure love bringing it aboard in a conventional fashion.


Oh…and if you need some pointers…this guy has the best channel out there:


I was having difficulty getting Comfortable with it but once I adjusted everything and moved my seat around in the real world it all clicked pretty quickly.
I do like the level of adjustment and thought that went into it.
I will have to set up my pedals to work in it as I really cannot cope with twist rudder. I did try briefly to get them to work but it didn’t seem to register them as connected but plenty of time to try that tommorow. It’s very good fun.
Basically I did a very long mission in DCS tonight and flew it pretty perfectly if I do say so myself and just as I turned onto base leg at sochi Iooked down to drop the gear and must of clicked the task bar on the desktop as everything froze and flight equipment stopped working and I hit the dirt and couldn’t face doing it all again. So I took the plunge and thought I’d try VTOL VR instead.

Looking forward to trying the fighter jet. Although the power that the av-26b has is borderline silly. I love it! Pull for all the power in the world!


Yes. You can overload it though. In that loading screen you will see a TWR value - Thrust to Weight Ratio. If you are at less than 1.0, you will not be able to take off vertically unless you burn off some fuel. In those cases, a catapult takeoff, or rolling/semi-vertical takeoff can be used. Fun stuff when you lift of the carrier using full power vertically and get sloppy and end up sinking back down into the water because you are right near that 1:1 ratio… :swimming_man:


VTOL VR currently on sale until March 11 or so for $23.99:


typical!! lol


Are you the guy I’m supposed to buy the lottery ticket after at the gas station?


If near the 2 hour limit then Steam is usually pretty good at refund / rebuy


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Dad humor is best humor.


Sneak peek at the next new plane:


I feel like I’m back in intel trying to analyze the newest Soviet jet from a short video clip of a fly over at this year’s May Day parade. :sunglasses:


Thanks for replies to my doubts on this … pretty much sure I’d enjoy the gameplay as seen here already and my doubts over a physical HOTAS are unfounded … heck, when I first got my Oculus Rift I felt a right goof with my hand controllers and glad nobody was around to see me that first time, but yep, the hand controllers are intuitive and I suppose they will be too in this game/sim … I’m an old dog and hard to teach new tricks at times lol.

Pretty sure I’ll pick this up soon.



One more plug—although admit that I have said similar stuff about the game before: it will actually aid your understanding of the reasoning behind some of the less user-friendly systems in DCS. VTOLVR gives the sensors and weapons an unprecedented degree of programability. You will find options you never knew you needed or even wanted. Yet it only takes minutes to plumb these features. Yet you will also appreciate the HOTAS aporoach to inputing your wishes when you find that punching the displays’ line select keys adds a seconds to the process of getting a weapon onto a target. VTOLVR should be everyone’s first sim.


It’s so much fun. That feeling when I landed on the ground next to a burned out AV26B and picked the soldiers up waiting for rescue was a seriously cool moment…

One of those landings that never happen when someone is watching. Nailed it

Now I’ve hooked up my pedals I’m having a complete blast with it. I hate the twist rudder it’s just hurts my wrists but it’s a game changer now I’m using the pedals. I feel very cool swooping around sideways and down on the carrier without missing a beat.
It’s very good fun


Have you flown a night mission yet? I love the night graphics for some reason…


Couldn’t agree more. I have lots to say about all you wrote, but saving it for my review in a couple weeks. I will say that the speed and accuracy of the hand motions in selecting controls and MFD button is what makes VTOL feel so natural. I don’t have to find the mouse activation point and scroll a wheel infinitely trying to hit the right setting (X-Plane can be bad for this). Again, since VTOL was made from the ground up for VR, it really excels at that interaction…




  • Changed GPS target send from NAV map to use altitude above ground level (so 0 will always be terrain surface)
  • Target altitude adjustment in NAV map uses nicer numbers when altitude units are set to feet
  • Fixed temporary freeze when starting a new mp3 stream in the cockpit mp3 radio


  • Added GBU-12 Laser guided bomb and AGM-161 air-to-ground cruise missile (WIP, FA-26B only for now)


  • Fixed some issues with ground unit movement that happens far away from player

Mission Editor

  • Added “Linear” mode for Paths
  • Fixed Select All button on multi-unit selector including units that aren’t available to select
  • Fixed Allied MBT unit preview showing box around unit
  • Added Unit Group features to mobile ground units
    Map Editor
  • Added “Coastal” map border type
  • Static objects and roads reposition on the surface when terrain height is adjusted
  • Added automatic bridge supports to road system


  • Added “Vyxenah” voice profile