The hand motion/animation is very fluid and natural in Lone Echo. You almost forget that your arms and hands are not made of metal. The articulation is superb.


VTOL did not go well. I cant find how to center without restarting the game. I also could not turn the engines 90 degrees to go forward. Worst of all, I drew too small a gaming area. How do I redraw my playing area?
I may be getting to old for these complicated games…

Edit, I just figured out the engines… Just in time to go to work Dangit! LOL The game is AMAZING. Cant wait to have some time with it.


I’ll have to go digging in the settings of Oculus Home, but setting up the play area is done from in there somewhere. To be honest, I switched off all the guardian stuff because I predominantly play cockpit games while sat down. Even Lone Echo can be played that way without any issues.


Hey I tried turning off guardian before. Think I’ll start over with setup. VTOL is amazing and about as fun as a Harrell of monkeys. I can’t wait to get home.


He said “Harrell”. Now I’m thinkin’ that was a slip that went something like this:

…about as fun as the Harrier. I can’t wait to get home…

But knowing that he would be laughed out of the Mudspike Pub by the more serious of its patrons, opted for a more lighthearted comparison.

(I’ll show myself out.)


Well said sir. I love the Harrier. :slight_smile:


I finally had a go and it was incredible. Thank you guys for recommending this. NO REGRETS. I can see how this can be addictive. After I moved my chair far from my desk and turned off guardian, I had a much better time.
The ocean looks so good in VR at times that I am waiting to see fish jump. Cities are simple and not performance robbers. The terrain is nice. I like it. Best of all, its simple and does not take itself too serious but at the same time, it is full of tech and features. The flight model is good. I like it too. I had about 2 hours in it so far. My weekend starts Tuesday… Cant wait.


The campaign is over before it starts but as @BeachAV8R has said, there’s plenty out there.


I put in a 4 hours into this. This game is just amazing and worth every penny. I feel like there is so much life in this. I’ve only flown the AV 42… Lots to learn

    - Added 4K screenshot button to S-Cam (saved in Screenshots folder in game directory)
    - Added support for Oculus SDK *
    - Modified behavior of twist knobs to appear more natural
    - Fixed joystick behavior when grabbed at odd angles
    - Added nav map icon for player-launched GPS weapons
    - Moved settings window to flat panel display
    - Added mic switch to each vehicle comms panel
    - Added wingman voice commands **
    - Added allied heavy bomber (B-11)
    - Fixed overlapping in mini MFD fuel page
    - Fixed hover/altitude autopilot label alignment in HUD
    - Began implementing anti-radiation missiles
    - Added material emission to jet nozzles with afterburner
    - Chaff effects on missiles with Advanced Radar setting
    - Added radio messages for several more wingman situations
    - Added "Zeus" wingman voice profile by TheClockArm
    - Added "Junior" wingman voice profile by Slothulhu
    - Added "Death" wingman voice profile by ddDeath_666
    = Added persistence to more vehicle components: ***
    - Switches, levers, knobs, etc
    - Weapon loadout and store counts
    - Countermeasure stores
    - GPS targets
    - Battery and fuel levels
    - Engine throttle, spool, tilt
    - Landing gear state
    - APU status
    = Added persistence to timed events
* Once default branch update is live, there will be a VR mode option on startup,
    but for now you must go to "Set Launch Options" in the game properties window
    and type: -vrmode oculus
** Try voice commands out by turning on the Mic switch on the right side panel and 
    saying telling your wingmen to form on you, attack your target, disengage, spread out, etc.
    Requires Windows 10.
*** The quicksave feature is still far from useable


And in the previous update on July 1:

    - Fixed enemy ship gun turrets aiming too low.
    - Added enemy bunkers
    - Added MK-82AIR to AI AV-42C equips
    - Fixed rocket boats still shooting a rocket after being killed
    - Added exterior lights to AV-42 and FA-26 AI units
    - AI pilots no longer select weapons that are too weak to damage their target
    - Fixed error when switching to AGM with no TGP attached
    - Show HUD message when AGM selected and no TGP attached
    - Fixed aim direction of rocket pods for F/A-26B
    - Improved accuracy and added lead prediction for rocket CCIP when TGP has target data
    - Added bridge and another road to airbase
    - Switched cockpit instrument labels to lit shader
    - Added instrument lighting switch and dimmer knob
    - Tweaked engine fuel drain (decreased)
    - Adjusted aerodynamics
    - Added G-limiter switch
    - Tweaked engine fuel drain (increased)
    - Fixed log error spam caused by certain text elements
    - Began implementing advanced radar effects *
    - Added directional indicator on RWR for launch warnings
    - Improved RWR behavior when detecting missile locks
    - Added more communications commands in MFD
    - Changed reply messages for rearming request to make more sense
    - Fixed experimental wind affecting vehicle in configuration scene
    - Fixed missiles' proximity detonation sometimes failing at high relative speed
    - Added velocity vectors to air unit icons in MFD map
    - Added fuel/thrust info page to right mini MFD on both vehicles
    - Began implementing quicksave feature **
 "Advanced radar physics" is a new experimental option in the main settings menu.
    Radar detection now depends on each radar's transmitter and receiver stats.
    Radar returns are affected by each vehicles' radar cross section (RCS), doppler
    and ground clutter effects. Radar cross sections have been pre-calculated for each 
    vehicle using a special shader and depends on the viewing angle to the vehicle.
    Externally mounted weapons also affect the radar cross section.  For example, 
    the stealthy enemy planes (without external fuel tanks) could get very close to
    you without being detected on radar by you or your wingmen.  You would be able 
    to detect them on RWR if they are scanning you since this only depends on their
    radar transmissions.  You may be able to avoid detection or break locks by
    "notching" (flying perpendicular to the enemy radar) or flying low, due to 
    doppler and ground clutter effects.  Still to do are proper chaff/ECM effects
** The quicksave feature is still in a very unfinished state.  Consider it broken for now.


The radar notching feature is cool…can’t wait to get done some other work so I can go back to VTOL VR…it is one of those sims I dream about getting back to at night. I know. Odd. Very odd.


Some additional communications capabilities:


C’mon Multiplayer!


I was checking for VTOL VR updates and somehow ended up with this as my first hit at the top of the browser.

This exposes a truth about the games most of us enjoy. They claim a near-future of us humans flying stuff around just as we do today. When reality says the plan is for us to sit on our hands. Once we state our destination, our job is done. Makes for a boring sim, though. (Now where did I put my spinning wheel?..)


Hey @BeachAV8R. Are you actually getting access to 0.0.11p1? I am in public beta but I only up to 10.2.


I’ll check when I get home. :+1: I think I’m just on whatever public beta is available through the Steam beta opt in…


Thanks! I believe it is an issue on my end. I even went on Discord and chatted with a dev about it. I have the public beta opt-in but it only takes me to 10.2. There are some things only Valve can understand. Game is great at 10.2 so no matter.


Just fired it up - I’m showing:

VTOL VR Early Access v0.0.11p5

…and wow…I forgot how awesome this sim is…! First thing I did was take off from the base in the free flight mode, go out to the carrier (oops…had min fuel of 335 lbs. or so) and did a trap. Sooooo much fun…!


So can I ask a really dumb question: where is your indication of the version you are running? (The only one I know of is the changelog in the VTOL Steamapps folder. )

Oh, and try the new island campaign mission 7. Without an ability to partial-save, I am really struggling with it.