It was in the 2D monitor window on my computer…not in VR…I think it is at the bottom of the 2D monitor.

I’ll have to work up to Mission #7 because I think I’m still only back on #3 or #4

Just had a fun little fly-around session in that tanker mission where you just take off from the carrier, find the tanker, and refuel. It is amazing how natural tanking feels and position keeping is so easy even though we are using the Touch controllers. Such a fun sim…

I noticed a couple changes since I last played. The helmet visor now appears to be visible at the periphery of your vision…a very nice effect that makes it definitely feel like you have the helmet on. I see they also moved the NVG and visor commands to the left side of the front instrument panel. But you can still tap the side of your head to activate the visor. I can’t remember how to turn on the helmet HUD thingy though now…duh…gonna have to look that up. (The helmet mounted cueing system thingy…)


PS - When you quit VTOL VR - do you get a clean exit? Mine shuts down, but it shows VTOL VR still running in Steam oddly enough. I have to close out Steam with Task Manager.


You can see the version number (this is an old screenshot) at the bottom of the 2D monitor:


Well duh! I had the correct version all along! Anyway, the deeper you dig into this cute little sim, the more detailed and complex it gets. The HUD could use some more info, like a weapon time to target. Easier SOI switching would be nice. But some things are better than real, like the very clear CCRP cue.

No, my game will not exit and it does not show up on my cntl-alt-del app list. So I think it is an issue between the game and Steam. The only solution is to exit Steam.


Funny but my 2d screen doesn’t fit the monitor. Those two icons: “quit” and “mission editor” only show as the very top line of red and blue pixels. That is also why I don’t see the version text.


v0.0.11p6 released yesterday:

    - Fixed occasional issues when spawning on a carrier
    - Added HUD warning for folded wings
    - Wings will start folded if spawning on carrier
    - Reversed RWR switch to match orientation of Radar switch
    - Added MFD Brightness knob
    - Added MFD Brightness knob
    - TGP and laser/optically guided weapons will be affected by terrain occlusion
    - Fixed issues with missiles magically reacquiring radar locks
Mission Editor
    - Fixed bug where selecting units in the units tab stops responding sometimes
    - Added ASF-30 fighter/attack jet (Enemy)
    - Added Anti-Radiation missiles to AV-42 and F/A-26B AI equipment
    - Added pilot ejection animations to AV-42 and F/A-26B AI
    - Fixed bug where AV-42C AI wouldn't use AIM-9 x2 and x3 racks
    - Fixed bug where AI pilot got stuck if you cut in to refuel right after they disconnect from boom
    - Improved AI pilot air-to-air guns aiming
    - AI pilots engage enemies detected via RWR
Wingman Voice Profiles
    - Added "Ranger" by The Loan Ranger
    - Added "Templar" by Scruffy TitanSlayer


Pics of the new enemy ASF-30…

Having the friendly AI able to cart around anti-radiation missiles is a plus!


This is why you shouldn’t leave F-16’s and SU-27s alone together…


That front wheel is going to FOD that engine … a lot :slight_smile:

Still cool looking. I bought it on sale a week or so ago and I am looking to give it a go soon.


I’m going to choose to believe it has an inertial separator for use during takeoff and landing… :rofl:


Or just closing off the lower intake, during ground ops, like the 29 :slight_smile:


A split intake would look cooler anyway. Someone should tell him.

While we are talking VTOL. I have, for two weeks now, been trying to finish the last mission (7) of the campaign. It has gotten a little easier with the latest update and no single stage of the mission is particularly difficult. But without the ability to save progress the statistical risk of death is high. Without spoiling anything, where I am getting stuck is the part where I (the “we” by this point all seem either dead or stuck on the boat) must destroy the incoming carrier fleet.

I am not bringing this up to talk about this particular mission. I want to talk about the AGM-89 anti-ship cruise missile because it provides a window into the quality of this game. In the GPS MFD screen, you can define a series of waypoints and sort those waypoints into groups. Each point can be marked with the NAV map or with the TGP. And once marked, each point can serve as a SPI for the TGP or a guided weapon. What is really cool is how easily the waypoints can be moved and reordered. It’s like the dev has played a thousand hours of DCS A-10 thinking, “there’s got to be a more logical way.” Let’s say you use the NAV map to set up 3 different routes to an enemy ship with the intent to attack at different directions and (maybe) overwhelm her defenses. These routes will be in three different groups in the GPS sort. This missile can either take a direct shot at whichever waypoint is selected or you can click “path” and the missile will be programmed with the entire route. With this done, you can select group 1, fire missile 1, select group 2, fire missile 2, select group 3 and fire 3. The three missiles fly off on their respective routes pretty as you please. Unfortunately they only fly at about 500 knots and are pretty easy to shoot down. In the actual campaign you aren’t really given enough money to use more than two so they probably are not the solution. GBU’s maybe?


I’ve read about this on the Discourse channel and yours is not a unique experience. Everyone is struggling with that mission. I got busy this week with hurricane and other stuff and haven’t had a chance to dive back in. I think I’m still on Mission #4


Totally this. I was amazed at the depth of that system and how cool it is. It is easy to dismiss the game when one first looks at the graphics…but man that guy has put a ton of functionality into it while preserving the gameplay.


Or putting that little mud guard on the front gear. That would work too.

Trying to be a smart-arse in a forum of smart people is difficult :smiley:


When I read that…I immediately thought of the girl profile mudflaps you see truckers put on their rigs.


To me it actually seems to be inspired by the Project 33. A russian F-16 lookalike that has never came to be.




It’s like beating an F-16 with an ugly stick!


When you consider the current limitations of VR as it relates to hardware, I think it looks good enough. Granted, I don’t VR, but they’ve put it together in a way that you don’t need a high-end system to enjoy it.


You know what it needs right? Right?