Actually, an Apache instructor I worked with had an interesting concept for a compound coax attack helicopter that’d probably work real well in VTOL VR. You’d kinda need multiplayer for it though, given it was a two place aircraft. I have no doubt it’d be awesome!


I’m really, really hopeful that the developer will put in MP. It would be a ton of fun to do carrier stuff and refueling and missions with you guys. Yes, I know…I’m not the most frequent MP guy on our own MP events…but I’d try to go that extra mile for VTOL VR… :smiley:




Anyone know if there is a benefit to running in Oculus mode instead of Steam mode using the launch parameter:

-vrmode oculus

I’ll test it tomorrow…don’t have a moment tonight…


Didn’t know such was possible.

Fun challenge: see how fast you can fly through the tunnel. (Taxiing is cheating)


The developer has been working on the map…posted this shot last week:

“I’m enabling importing heightmaps and creating the terrain based on that. I’ll use a heightmap of starwars canyon as a test subject…”


So I’ve been hearing that Mission #7 in the campaign is absolute murder for everyone. I have not read this post so that I don’t have any spoilers (I’m still on mission #4)…but if you are having trouble, this guy posted a walk-through of how HE did it…

The order that I played mission 7 in:
Loadout: 19x rockets, 6x GBU’s on the belly, 6x Mavericks, 4x hellfire, GAU-8

  1. takeoff and head straight for the drone boats. The wingmen are much better than they used to be at clearing the airbase. I destroy the drone boats with the gun.

  2. Loop back around to the front of the airfield and help my wingmen. I try to use rockets, guns, or bombs here because they are cheap and it’s relatively low threat.
    2.5) Around here, I tell my wingmen to go refuel. I don’t want them following me and straying too close to the SAM batteries in the Northwest City. I will call for them later.

  3. I choose to go the bay on the north side of the island with the infantry, and take them out with bombs. I don’t want to lose wingmen (or myself) to MANPADs, since they tend to not trigger the RWR. This just personal preference, it is not an objective.

  4. Take out the SAM battery in the eastern city. You only have to destroy the Radar here to check off the objective, so you can save some ammo. I used a Maverick on both, and almost regretted it at the end.

  5. Approach the fleet from the east (from where the second carrier fleet is). From here, I fired my remaining Mavericks at the ships radars. The more I can take out here, before my wingmen show up, the fewer missiles that will be fired from the ships, the fewer wingment shot down.

  6. I returned to the original carrier to rearm. I go back up with 6x AIM-9’s, 6x Mavericks, no bombs. Upon taking off, I call for my wingmen to rejoin, and get the objectives going through again. Once they rejoin, the “rejoin” and “take out the eastern SAM” objectives will both complete at the same time.

  7. Head to the fleet, use Mavericks to take out the remaining ship Radars.

  8. Once the ship Radars are gone, I did some dogfighting. The AV-42 is a pig, so it was mainly turning in circles, and firing AIM-9’s until they were all gone. I took a few gun shots, but not much. I used the gun to take out the little boats, and let my wingmen continue the dogfight. They will also sink ships with Hellfires now that the ships don’t shoot missiles. Usually around this point is when the second fleet, with the drone carrier, show up. I had a couple remaining Mavericks, and used them to take out the Radars on the ships accompanying the Drone Carrier (only got 2 of the 3).

  9. Land at the second carrier to rearm. It’s much closer, so saves time. It might also be stationary, making landing easier. I did VTOL landings, so I’m not sure. I go back up with 6 Mavericks, an AGM-89, and some AIM-9’s that I ended up not using.

  10. Takeoff and head for the second enemy fleet. As soon as I am able, I get a GPS fix on the carrier and fire the AGM-89. Then I target the remaining ship Radars, and fire Mavericks at them as soon as I am able.

  11. At this point, it was basically cleanup. I fired all of my remaining Mavericks at the various gun turrets of the carrier, in case the AGM missed (it did, the carrier was actually sunk by my Mavericks). I ended up having to go rearm one last time. Which used up the remainder of my budget. Only the Carrier and another ship had been sunk. So I fired a couple Mavericks at the remaining ships, and they finally sank. Again, with the Radar gone, their only defense is guns. So I can get Mavericks off in safety.

  12. head back to the airfield and land!
    I think the best thing I did, was take out the Radars early on both fleets. Looking back through the log, look at how many enemy UCAV’s I took out with a Maverick. This is sinking the carrier before they could launch. If they had gotten airborne, I would have failed the mission without question. Blind the enemy, then destroy them. [0:35:10] Gun Turret was killed by Maverick (Player). [0:35:10] Gun Turret was killed by Maverick (Player). [0:35:11] Gun Turret was killed by Maverick (Player). [0:35:12] NFP Carrier was killed by Maverick (Player). [0:35:12] Gun Turret was killed by Maverick (Player). [0:35:15] AGM-89 (Player) was killed by ECarrierIRMissile (Missile Launcher). [0:35:15] Manta UCAV was killed by Maverick (Player). [0:35:15] Manta UCAV was killed by Maverick (Player). [0:35:15] Manta UCAV was killed by Maverick (Player). [0:35:15] Gun Turret was killed by Maverick (Player). [0:35:15] Manta UCAV was killed by Maverick (Player). [0:35:15] Manta UCAV was killed by Maverick (Player). [0:35:15] Manta UCAV was killed by Maverick (Player). [0:35:15] Manta UCAV was killed by Maverick (Player). [0:35:15] Missile Launcher was killed by Environment. [0:35:16] Missile Launcher was killed by Environment.



It’s starting to look like DCS!


I wish I had a map editor in DCS



From the developer:

“If someone could point me to a good height map of the Mach Loop, I could use it for dev. The image I posted on the dev channel is the Star Wars Canyon (Rainbow Canyon) and surrounding area.”


This is a pretty cool tool by the developer to “paint” a city in the terrain making utility (I don’t think that has been released)…


That video didn’t work for me…
Because I’m on iOS?


Yep, it’s a direct link to a .webm file, which is a container for the V9 codec, of which Apple are holding out on because Google likes it. :slight_smile:

The video sites if not direct linked use browser detection to show different codecs to different platforms, i.e.


versus what it was of:


Here it is:

…should work for all. The best tip on these services is just to find and use the ‘Share’ link they offer.


The developer has stated that new maps can be up to 196 km x 196 km…!

    Map Editor
        - Added Heightmap generation mode
        - Added terrain height painting tools
        - Added desert and arctic biomes
        - Added endless terrain border mode
        - Added city painting tool
        - Temporarily disabled road tool
        - Added shallowness and shore effects to water shader
        - Reduced memory usage of map generator
        - Added tree collisions (optional)
        - Added illuminated elements to dials and knobs

“I’m pushing this update so you can have the opportunity to play with the map editor’s heightmap generation and terrain/city painting features, and give feedback on those. I’ve also included a couple of sample maps, as well as a sample mission for the F/A-26B in one of the maps. I have temporarily removed the road tool since it’s a bit broken and in the process of a rewrite.”


This guy is making a Grand Canyon using the new map height generator or something…


Just a small note for those playing the beta…discovered by DeltaV69:

“I think I found a bug on the Advanced Radar Physics (I know they are experimental, just wanted to let you know in case no one else did). Although AMRAAMs work fine the anti ship missile misses the targets. It either ends up drowning or it overshoots. You can replicate it on the “Difficult mission” with the NMSS cruiser. I found out that if you create a path for the missile it overshoots and tries to come back around, if you fire it to the GPS coordinate directly it ends up drowning.”

The developer responded with “should be fixed soon…” so they are aware and working on it…!


On another note - I sure wish they’d move their developer forum off of Discord. I’m not a huge fan of that layout for some reason, and I don’t find it easy to search for information there.


@BeachAV8R Is all this coverage of VTOL VR just a smokescreen to distract us from another carrier-based aircraft you might be reviewing? It’s ok, you can tell me :wink:.

Blink once for ‘afirm’, twice for ‘negative’