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VTOL VR is one of the most unique and revolutionary simulations ever released. With a unique visual style, superb gameplay, and shockingly deep systems functionality, this sim is special in ways that defy classification. The two protagonists of VTOL VR: the AV-42C Kestrel and the F/A-26B Introduction I’ll go ahead and issue the warning now…







That article must have taken a while. Great job Chris, and worthy of a really nice VR title.

It’s interesting how VTOL VR has approached the VR flight sim from the angle of usability and clarity first, rather than porting a 2D existing sim. I hope it does well.

I often find flying it that a lot of the things are just so nice to use, that you have to wonder if a lot of the ‘pure glass’ gen 5 types are actually a bit like it. I know real-life is more complicated, but a lot of the normal things are just so natural in that user interface it has got.

Now, what would it take for this title to get multiplayer… :smile:



Great work @BeachAV8R!

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You hit the nail on the head - I love X-Plane but most of the aircraft have unrealistic VR use. Some aircraft it takes 20 or 30 seconds to twist or otherwise manipulate the altitude preselect to the desired altitude. In reality, this usually takes about 3 seconds. The button pushing in VTOL VR feels authentic…and not having to drop the controllers and transition to a mouse pointer or drop them to switch to hardware controls is part of that seamless feel.

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Hello all, really enjoyed the review, can you please recommend good and not so epensive hardware? Cause is the first time I heard about those “hand controls”.

Thanks a lot and keep up the good work!



Hello Stratos - basically, VTOL VR is a VR headset only simulator at this time. Which means you’ll need to have a VR headset AND hand controllers that pair to that headset:

Oculus Rift + Touch
Odyssey + Hand Controllers
Vive + Wands
Pimax + Whatever Pimax Makes

So it isn’t enough to have one or the other, you have to have both the headset and the controllers…




Hello @Stratos!
Welcome to Mudspike. :smiley:

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Hi @Stratos

@BeachAV8R, another great article. You were one of the earliest fans of the sim. I laughed at both it and VR in those early days. Well I’m not laughing now. OK I am but they are laughs of joy.

For part II, might I beg for an interview with the dev? I really want to know how one guy was able to create something so rich and amazing.



It doesn’t need to be this way. The VMax 757 professional 2 has excellent VR controller integration. Dials are turned by simply “touching” the thing and pushing or pulling the thumbstick to turn or click. In some ways it is a better controller integration than VTOL, and for an airplane that obviously wasn’t designed with that input in mind.



There actually is a podcast interview of him already out there. I listen to stuff like that while driving my car. Now if only I could remember which Podcast it was…

Edit: Here we go. It‘s a bit dated, but very interesting none the less:

Extra points if you manage to listen to this using the mp3 player in the AV-42c while flying :slight_smile:



Thanks! (And I’ll try for the XP)



Thanks guys for the warm welcome and the tips, In fact I’ve been watching Mudspike since the very begining, but never registered to the forums before.
Regarding the VR sets, cheapest I found were the Samsung Odissey ones, and those cost like 500€, pretty expensive for a sim hardware, isn’t it?

Is cool to see the game has modding in mind, want to see how that evolves. Maybe Red side birds?



I think you can find VR sets for around $300 - the Odyssey + was on sale recently for $299 and includes the hand controllers. I’ve also seen other VR sets for sale for significantly less, but can’t attest to their quality.

For instance:


Again…not sure about how good those are…so definitely buyer beware…



Nice price, but being based on Spain, this is out of reach, will need to wait until this kind of tecnhology goes cheapest, cause the game looks amazing.



I really wish there were these offers in Europe… so far I only seen them in the US.



Great review Chris! I really need to spend some more time with VTOL VR. I have had it since the initial early access release, but it has come a long way since then. The decision to go with fictional aircraft was a good one. That frees the author to focus on what works vs keeping hardcore simmers happy.

Much like Kerbal Space Program, behind the clean, almost cartoon styled graphics, there lies a deep and very accessible simulation. The fact that a single dev has created this is mind boggling to me.



Thanks to this article I went ahead and bought a game that was on my wishlist this past year. Needless to say I absolutely love it and the review of the game in its current state is spot on. The details and little touches are a constant surprise and I LOVE how the (optional) First Person View helmet wraps around your VR goggles in such a way that it believably hides the edges of my headset.

Weapons complexity is surprising and anyone with DCS A-10C or F-18C familiarity will quickly be at home figuring out SOI and target allocation.

It’s great that I can use my rudder pedals but a shame I can’t invert them, it’s also a shame I can’t allocate a control or two to the handset. But the very fact that pushing buttons is so easy and fluid in this, I don’t really care and am reveling the ability to use my virtual “hands” as opposed to fumbling and squinting with a mouse.

The simple graphics to me are a nostalgic reminder of the old Novalogic A10 Warthog and F-22 games. But the systems in VTOL VR are waaaay more in depth and robust.

Thanks @BeachAV8R for the time spent writing this and giving me the inspiration to buy!

I’m loving Heatblur’s Tomcat but it’s always nice to have a distraction and something else to look forward to.