Want to know why I love X-Plane so much?

Because I’m tired of FSX killing flights after an hour invested… Is P3D as bad?


You are Johnny on the spot with this post. I just reloaded P3D as you probably know. I must say first off, I am not impressed with their business model. How inconvenient it is to reload everything every time they come up with a new version? The other reason is because I have about 600 USD in the game, (I know that’s peanuts to some) but I never have got the same satisfaction that I have from other sims that were much simpler.
P3D cost me nearly 70 bucks and I don’t know If I want to spend another bunch of money on V3. Somehow I stop from pulling the trigger on that twice in the last week. Now I see your screenshots and I am beginning to think about XPlane… Is X Plane as expensive to mod as P3D?
As for your question, I don’t know I cant spend an hour in the air. I just got it reinstalled today after the last disaster.

Shouldn’t you be getting your Rift up and running Chris??? :wink:


@BeachAV8R, P3Dv3 is much more stable than FSX. Other than my trees in the middle of the runway issue, which was an Orbx issue, I haven’t had any crashes. My only complaint was purchasing the Professional version, then realizing that some of the best add-ons only work in the Academic version, which is much cheaper. Now that Orbx has made most of their offerings P3Dv3 friendly, all is well.

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I first had to deliver some life saving supplies to Woitape…! (Now this is gonna be a fun Air Hauler 2 region!)

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Mmm…agonizing. So sell me on migrating to P3D.

I have FSX:SE - with a few products I bought in the Steam store for it. And I have ORBX FTX Global and all of the west coast ORBX regions. Also Active Sky Next. I think ORBX and ASN can be installed into P3D of various versions…but I’m wondering about my Steam purchases.

You do realize that after today you will never want to sim on a flat screen again :wink:

Btw, I highly recommend grabbing AeroFly FS 2 (along with the Switzerland DLC) for some civilian VR flying goodness. :). Air Hauler does sound I interesting though…

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I made the move from FSX-SE to P3Dv3 and it has been worth it.


  • Much smoother FPS (not necessarily higher FPS, but the FPS stays smooth without stutter)
  • No blurry textures
  • No autogen popup in the distance like FSX has, all the autogen is visible and stays visible like in XP10
  • Gfx look better due to using GPU to process shadows, bloom, HDR.
  • Multimonitor support that allows playing in center monitor, while side monitors stay visible for seeing other apps or pdfs, allows for popping up GPS window and undocking it and moving it to the side monitor.
  • All my orbx scenery and Carenado, Milviz, Aerosoft planes worked without needing to buy anything
  • ASN, REX, FSUIPC, EZCA worked without having to buy anything
  • I haven’t had an OOM error or any kind of error that aborted a flight since I migrated to P3D (knock on wood) and I fly in ORBX PNW Seattle area with almost all Orbx airports in that area installed.


  • Having to pay for P3D each major update (i.e. v2.xx to v3.xx) although I don’t mind paying every year or two if the development and enhancements continue at a good pace and are worth an upgrade.
  • If you buy the Academic version there is a waterstamp on the top right of all the screenshots
  • RealityXP GPS doesn’t work in P3D
  • Having to pay an upgrade cost for some FSX Products that need a P3D version (Flight1, RealAir), or having to buy outright P3D version aircraft that I already own in FSX (A2A, PMDG etc)

Overall I’m really glad I moved to P3D and I won’t be going back, my FSX type flying has never been as smooth or as convenient, the only reason I still have FSX-SE installed is for the planes I refuse to buy again because I don’t use them that much to be worth buying again (PMDG 737) or for the FSX flight school missions.


See…that kind of post makes me spend money. I need to stop reading posts here (obviously)…

Haha the same thing happened to me from reading the XP10 posts here :slight_smile: but I’m glad as it’s come a long way since I had last used it (10.1?).

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Yeah…well, I’m in a pickle because I want to play Air Hauler 2…so I have no other option than to fire up FSX/P3D. Now…if I migrate to P3D tonight…that will just annoy @PaulRix even more because that means I won’t open my Rift until later…lol…

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I agree on the major versions, but I’ve been able to update P3D minor versions (i.e. 3.3, 3.4 etc) without having to reinstall everything and without having to touch my 3rd party addons, just uninstalling and installing just the components of P3D that changed (client/content/scenery) .

There’s a good guide for how to do that on AVSIM:

I don’t understand how you can be so restrained. I’m starting to think your Rift doesn’t really exist :wink:

The move from FSX to P3D is definitely worth it. The only reason I still have FSX installed is that I don’t have the Academic version of P3D so I can’t run the Superbug. Otherwise I’d never touch FSX again.

P3D is far more stable.

As Kludger mentioned, you can now do incremental updates to the client whereas in early versions you had to reinstall everything to update.


You guys are costing me a fortune. Hope you all don’t ever decide to jump off a bridge one day…


Ok, I feel much better now :slight_smile:

Now I gotta configure P3D v3…be right back… :wink:

This site makes me feel good. I thought I had little self restraint until I saw all the posts of you guys popping off buying stuff all the time.

Though to be fair things cost me 30% more than most of you.

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Btw, I would be interested to hear your thoughts on Prepar3D now that it natively supports the Rift.