Want to know why I love X-Plane so much?

I’m in complete agreement with @Kludger on the migration tool. Don’t use it, but do have a very few add-ons that I couldn’t get to work with P3Dv3. A nice Quest Kodiak was a no go, much to the chagrin of CAFCO’s fleet manager.

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No P3D specific version as such of FSUIPC, but you definitely should go looking for the latest version that has been released post P3D V3.4 here:

I forgot how long it takes to download and install my entire ORBX subscription. I’ve been at this for about 5 hours now (non-stop!). Wow. I mean, the downloads take the longest…but even the unzipping and running the installers can take a long time per package. I forget how dedicated we have to be to be simmers…


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Last package…well…ORBX anyway…


Oh wait…I forgot about the 1.4 GB of ORBX LIBS…

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Oh good grief…

Hmm…up and running with P3D v3 - look great…but man, I’m getting some pretty awful rubber-banding… Spent the last hour fiddling with settings, but not really finding a solution.

What kind of rubber banding?

Are your scenery settings cranked up?

I think (I hope) it was my FPS setting in P3D - I had it set to unlimited and was getting 50 to 18 bouncing back and forth. Stuck it on 20 (which feels very fluid)…and I might have it licked… More testing tomorrow…

The Lionheart Kodiak imported nicely (so far as I can tell) into P3D.

You can just move the whole Kodiak file into P3D, find some gauges and move, and move the /soundbackup directory contents and .cfg into the /sound directory within the Kodiak directory and it all seems to be working. Glad I could get the Kodiak working because that will be one of the aircraft I aspire to in Air Hauler 2…

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Good work getting it going.

I don’t have an FSX install to copy from, just the installer, and don’t really want to go down the migration tool route if I can avoid it.

Yes indeed. Guess that I’ll have to drag out my old gaming rig and fire it up. @BeachAV8R did you look at a gauge or sound configuration file to determine what else it needed? I see that JustFlight has it for sale with P3Dv3 compliance.

BTW, what scenery is the Kodiak parked in? Looks interesting.

Great to see that the Quest Kodiak installer got updated for P3D versions. All I did was copy it out of my FSX install and then went in the FSX/gauges directory and found the likely files that would also need to be moved to the P3D gauges folder. If I missed any, I’m sure I’ll find out about it when I fly it more. But thus far, everything appears to be working, including the 2D pop-up panels.

Now I got to get V3. Thanks a lot Beach and Kludger! LoL Seriously, this was helpful.

“Oculus proof of life” PRICELESS!! ROFL

OK, OK. I see where this is going @BeachAV8R. Leave us to freeze our itty bitty gonads off in the frozen tundra. Prepare for a counter strike.