Welcome To My Farm, A Farming Simulator 2017 AAR

Love this little sim/game. Its fun and relaxing. So without much more come on down to my farm and take a look around.

My truck outside my house,

My beet and extra straw storage area, Planning on getting some cows so I have an overload of straw at the moment.

Around the house I got 5 fields that I use, Here is where I store my tractors and equipment, I plant whatever is needed for the animals

My combine and fertilizer spreader

Got my straw trailer and my tipper I use in the field.

My pigs, I keep about 130 on hand, off the right side is the food trailers, Pigs require about 6 different foods

My cash field, Corn or sunflowers, Its one of the biggest fields on the map, which means it gets the biggest tractors

The other side of the field, 2 of everything and it still takes awhile to harvest etc.

My other cash field, Potatoes only, Its not wide but it is long and yields alot of potatoes.

My grass field for sheep

The sheep pen, I keep about 120 on hand, Sheep require grass and water, by far the easiest animal to care for.

Logging area, Just planted 1200 trees, should be a good haul once they are grown

My poplar area, Harvesting these goes straight to saw dust, Behind the truck is a sell spot,

And the cows area, this is a future spot for my farm, Cows require the most stuff to care for.

Next up we should be harvesting some fields,


This a nice change of pace around here!
How does this game work? I mean, so you have to manage all the equipment in real time, or can you automate some of it?
I mean, this game would be a full time job if you had to do it all in real time, wouldn’t it?


Need any tips I am a farmer by trade all my life :sunny:


You can manage it all in real time if you wanted. However there is an option to hire AI to do it. AI can plow,cultivate,sow,harvest, and fertilize. Only things you really have to do is, hook equipment up and position it on the field. You can then hire the AI and they will follow the field and stay within its boundaries. For harvesting you will have to position the trailer under the combine to transfer the grain, which can be done while the AI is driving the combine. Also you have to feed the animals and fuel equipment.

For me I would get the combine and drive it to the field once there I would position it and then hire the AI, I let the combine do a few passes and then I would get my fertilizer truck and position it and hire the AI to start fertilizing. I have the AI do all my harvesting, cultivating, sowing, and fertilizing.

There is also multiplayer which I have yet to try.


How do you simulate stacking 6000 hay bales in a corrugated iron roofed dutch barn in 32 Celsius and 80% humidity or castrating piglets just two of the more appealing things I have done :wink:

Ehm… Just because we play wargames doesn’t mean we actually want to go to war… :wink:


Time to harvest a few fields, I got some canola in five fields thats ready,

Got the combine lined up, time to put the help to work

As soon as that field is done, it’s time for some manure

First field harvested, dumping the grain before proceeding on to the next one,

Started the manure,

With the manure started, its time to cultivate and fertile, all at the same time,

Before I sow I need to see what I’m low on, Canola and Barley and I’m harvesting canola now so Barley it is,

Field 2 is a little bigger and the combine gets full during the harvest, So I pull up next to the AI and drive with him to dump the grain while harvesting,

Time to sow some barley, In this sim fertilizing(manure, slurry,or fertilizer) 3 times yields the best results.

Dumping some harvested canola,

First field completed, Harvested, manured, cultivated/fertilized, and sowed/fertilized.

All fields harvested, pulled 51000,

A quick look shows me Ill need to plant some canola again to get to my max of a 100000

And all done with all 5 fields, All equipment put make up,

Up next, we will turn some corn into chaff with a forage harvester,

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Corn wasnt ready but potatoes were, So we will harvest some potatoes,

Got the harvester lined up and ready for the help

Full already,

Checking the potato prices to see where to sell,

One of the great things about this sim/game is mods, It is very open to mods and there are alot, This is one of them,it allows for multiple trailers to be hooked up,

All done with the potato harvest,

Time to spread some manure

Off to sell potatoes, this little field yielded 112000 potatoes,

Time to cultivate

Bought the field right next to my potato field, Needed to plow it first

Cultivating done, Time for more manure

Dropping off potatoes at the sell point,

Starting to plant with my new potato planter,

With the addition of the new field I added 2 more trailers, this should allow me to transport 240000 units,

Time to clean up the pig area,

Time to feed the pigs, 4 of these trailers are food and the 5th is straw for bedding,

Feeding the pigs,

Dropping off some straw

Cleaning up the sheep area

Feeding grass to the sheep

Sheep produce wool pallets, Once this area is full I have to move the pallets so they continue to produce

Watering the sheep

Filling up the water tanker, at the lake its free

Watering the Pigs, Got enough for 6 days

Almost done sowing the new field

All fields planted and all equipment put up, Will be buying another potato harvester for the next harvest

Home for the night, animals feed and cleaned. Ill speed up the game to 120x until 0600.

Next up we should be able to harvest chaff with the forage harvester,

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It looks really good :smiley:

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After cleaning up the animal areas in the morning, I decided to buy a bigger water tanker, this one holds 60000 units of water, Need a more powerful truck though barley got out of the water here,

Also sold my new truck for an older one with a lift,

So time to harvest some chaff, I got the forage harvester hooked up and hired some help,

Took 4 passes to fill 4 trailers, 240000 units of chaff, The silage pit can hold 2,000,000 units so this could take awhile

Dumping the chaff in the silage pit

Had to buy a new tractor and a leveler for the chaff, Makes it easier to drive on and compact, You have to compact the chaff in order to cover it to ferment it into silage,

The tree behind the tractor in the previous pic was in the way of the pit, So it had to go

Tree cut up and loaded into the pickup truck,

After 3 hours(real time) The pit is half full and the field is about half done as well. Very tedious but next time the fields will be closer and this amount of silage should last a long time,

Up next we will finish chaffing the corn,