Welcome to the Mudspike Forums!


Great site! Can’t remember how I stumbled onto it, but I am glad I did, read some great articles. Looking forward to contributing.


That’s two of us!


I thought your forum name looked familar…I remember you from the old Aeroworx forums! That B200 they did was one of my all time favorite sim planes. I enjoyed the stories and technical info about your adventures in the B200 you would post. You still doing the Air Med thing?


Yeah…“BeachAV8R” through the ages - :older_man: I believe all the way from AOL. And yes, that B200 was the mutt’s nuts. Very well researched because the lead programmer (Henning van Rensburg) lived right down the road from me, so he was able to access our B200 regularly. I believe Henning was also a major developer on the PMDG DC-6 for X-Plane…another fantastic aircraft.

Yep - still doing the med flight stuff. I love it. We still have two B200s (one with G1000) and just sold our Citation V and replaced it with a second Citation Ultra. They will have to roll me out the door when I can’t get in the cockpit anymore.

The B200 crew is still around - I think they were swallowed up by Flight1 - but continue to do some work on the B200.

Thanks for stopping in to our watering hole here…!



Hey guys,

I have to admit - I was visiting Mudspike only occasionally, even though every time I had a very nice amd warm welcome.

Only recently (largely thanks to Sryan and komemiute) I started to visit it more regularly… and I think I got addicted. Now this is the first page I would fire up (even before ED Forums).

I just love how much humour you can find here, the community seems to be really hm… can’t find the English word for it… I’ll use a few then: working like a good team or well oiled machine or feeling more like a family than forum society.

Plus there is a plethora of interesting topics! I really got into mudspike and I intend to stay :slight_smile:

Oh, and on technical side - this is the most user friendly and best looking forum I know. No, and I am not talking about your profile pictures :slight_smile:


Thanks for the kind words BD. We are certainly glad to have you roaming our halls!

Indeed, we have a really awesome and diverse user group here from across the globe. I love that I can log in at 4AM (Eastern US) and see that friends in Europe have already been posting things and having conversations. It really does feel like a United Nations lobby. And the wide ranging interests and expertise is really cool - we have pilots (civil and military), engineers, technicians, land and armor experts/hobbyists, artists, and just a really great community.

Most of all…we (largely) have a harmonious and respectful group. That is the “family” feel to which you refer. I’d rather read 5 threads among friends than 100 among people that put on a suit of armor to wade into arguments with each other.

On the technical side - there is no better than @fearlessfrog - he is truly a wizard with all this stuff and I’m in constant awe at how he puts ideas into action. And he has saved me a ton of money by making the site as streamlined as possible. The Discourse forum software was his idea and I have really taken to it after an initial learning curve. The features and layout are really nice.

Thanks again to everyone that makes this place what it is.