Welcome to the Mudspike Forums!


As our fledgling site takes wing, we decided it would be appropriate to have a small forum section where readers and subscribers could pow-wow. Our plans don’t include a major forum presence, but we did want to offer an area for general conversation as well as feedback and suggestions.

The rules are simple – no world or current events unless it has something specifically to do with military strategy, simulation, or some other link to the site content. Please no foul language or NSFW content. Be polite to other subscribers and take any over-the-top negativity somewhere else. Our full forums rules and FAQ are here:

Have fun!


Wow! This forum is pretty cool! Lots of changes from the run-of-the-mill forums that I am used to … and in a better way!


Cool. Thanks for the invite.


Welcome aboard. We hope this forum software will provide a bit more latitude for people to respond to the articles and just chit-chat. I, for one, will really like the AAR forum…something we didn’t have at the Mudspike site… Thanks for helping us kick the tires. Let us know about problems and suggestions…we are a blank slate at this point.



I really like that other users can post their own AAR’s, gives me a nice read when i’m on the train to Uni.
I think i will get into it myself, it will be nice to share my experiences and mishaps in DCS and Arma.


Right on Maclean. I’m always interested in reading how other’s approach missions in other sims. Me…I tend to be painfully slow and deliberate…which often doesn’t suit the mission requirements. Must be why I prefer helicopter sims due to the whole stealth and planning aspect. I’d be horrible at a fast paced FPS…

I look forward to reading your accounts!

Thanks for coming by…



WoooOOOoo! Thanks for the invite Chris! :slight_smile:

The forums look fantastic! The layout really fits the site well! I’ll have to spread the word :blush:


Thanks Graywolf - and thanks for stopping by. A bit neo-modern of a site…with some really cool features when you play around with it. I’m still learning a lot about its functionality…

Good to see ya’…


Thanks for the invite Chris. :smile:



@wheelsup_cavu - No, thank YOU for stopping by. It’s nice to see some familiar faces. I gotta put brains together with EP and FF and see if we can host some sort of Mudspike Fly-In with the sim of people’s choice. That’d be a lot of fun…



Great ! Thanks for the invite, real happy to be here supporting the site
Cheers all


These forums are very smartphone friendly. That is excellent. I get tired of having to adjust the view in other forums.

+1 for Mudspike forums.


@dvdlpt - Thanks for the report! Good to know it is scalable over multiple devices. I surfed it a bit last night on my iPad and found it to flow nicely. There are all kinds of interesting features too…such as highlighting text in another post and it gives you the option to quote it. Very intuitive…

Thanks for the feedback, it will show us the path forward…



Hi there! Thanks for the invitation! :slight_smile:


Hi there. Really nice lean forum you got here.


@miRage Thanks - the format is definitely growing on me. Thanks for stopping in…


Thanks for the Invite to the new forums! Awesome setup! Looking forward to seeing and reading more.

Also works amazing on my smartphone and tablet.


Cheers everybody, happy to finally have come here.


@ParaBellum - Welcome aboard PB! Great to see you here - hope we have some content you might enjoy. As always, we are up for suggestions and improvements.



Nice forum, I like the well written articles!