What Does “Respected” Mean?

Same question for the other qualifiers under screen-names.

Hmm…where are you seeing this? I don’t even see it on my forum settings. Heck…for all I know…all these years I’ve been “Dis-Respected”… :rofl:

I was just a moment ago complementing @Bearhedge on his excellent old-man post about how new stuff breaks more often without adding any functionality over the old stuff. And I noticed that under his name was “Respected”—an opinion I would agree with. Further up on that thread was @Cib, also “Respected” and again I would tend to agree. So if this is the work of @Discobot, I’d say he’s smarter than I gave him credit for. Oh, and the other qualifier was something like “Mudspike Coffee Mug Holder”. You’ll have to forgive me. I’ve been up since 1.


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

(Shut up. Nobody was talking to you.)

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I think there are titles (earned with badges) that can be displayed in some way.

Edit: I can see them if I click your name.
Respected apparently means “received 2 likes on 100 posts”.

Yes, its when you receive 2 likes in 100 posts, you can see all badges on the forum menu in the top.

Yep. What I don’t know about is when they are displayed or not.
I remember seeing them at some point (not that I care about forum titles, to me a new member is not worth less) but right now I cannot see any.

Edit: spotted some. Maybe there is an option to display them?

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I think there is a drop down menu in your signature section. It’s been a while since I looked

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If you tap your profile picture in the top right,then the right tab with the person icon.

Then preferences → account

Scroll to the bottom…

And there you can choose a title to display.

Some badges, but not all, can be displayed as title.
I wish I could display “empathetic” as a title, I like so much more than I post…


By the way, thanks for asking, now I have a title as well.

I think we’ll see a lot more “respected” titles as a result of this post :stuck_out_tongue:


I juat noticed that I have a lot of badges.
But to be honest it would feel weird to label myself as “admired” or something…


What i saw in some badges is that when you get them they are temporarily shown in your nick, then later disapeared after a while. That is too avoid a huge nick line with +20 badges shown.
In your profile you can see all badges that you got.


I think I found the titles relatively early after I first got here, while playing with the Forum software.


But you are admired @Aginor. Your a snappy dresser and all round good egg. Flaunt it.


Thank you! :slight_smile:
(But I think “admired” cannot even be used as a title. :smiley: )

Edit: I went for “appreciated”, let’s see how it feels. :slight_smile:



that pic is like me waiting for the release of PMDG DC6 for msfs and the DCS Mi-24…


Sounds like you guys solved this. My impression (haven’t looked at it in a while) was “I” had to display it – for myself, once some criteria had been met allowing me to do so.

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