What is Discord?

Maybe I’m getting old but I have no idea what it is and what it does… Is it a forum? Like Reddit kind of thing?


It’s a modern chatroom with voip. Think a combination of ICQ and TeamSpeak. It happens to be all the rage right now.


Ah ICQ, there’s a blast from the past!

So all the kids are doing it?

Discord is what happens when people are no longer getting along and opinions start to differ in such a way that enmity arises.




It’s just super convenient in that you can have a text based chat as well as VOIP that can be used on just about any device via app or straight from a web browser in a community based setting.

Anyone remember Kali?


I mean, you’re not wrong…

See also: Razbam’s new hire / fire last week.

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That was a masterful example of shooting off your own foot to spite your leg on that guy’s part.

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Indeed. That was a train wreck that happened at normal speed, then was replayed over and over in ultra slow - mo at the top of every hour.

Anyway, I digress. A lot of the regular squads, clans, and content creators in most of the games we love can be found on Discord, often offering training, tips, and help for newbies.

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Now I’m interested in what happened with Razbam!..

All the kids are indeed using it, now if i can just get them off my lawn.

Funny thing with it is that my experience is that it’s been the absolute inverse of Teamspeak, both offer text and voice chat, yet TS no one ever typed in chat and in Discord, no one ever used the voice.

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I’d be pretty clear that besides a failure to do some background vetting, it wasn’t really Razbam’s fault.

They hired a new employee from the community who had experience creating mods for DCS. Said person unfortunately had some accusations of IP Theft hanging about him. Those accusations resurfaced when it was announced he had been hired. Razbam put out a broad statement of support for the guy, but reiterated they have zero tolerance for theft.

The guy then proceeded to go on a tirade across social media bout how he was the victim of a witch hunt, he did nothing wrong, and even if he did do something wrong, who were they to judge? Publicly offering tacit admission to theft after the company that hired you said they believed you didn’t steal things, and they don’t tolerate stealing, is a poor strategy.


No not a clever move… and Razbam have since stopped using his services?

DCS certainly brings the drama on and off screen lol :grin:

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Discord is cool. Like really, really cool.
I resisted a bit at first (like any proper getting-to-middle-age guy should do) but effectively it’s pretty decent.

At first the Room/people thing is a bit disconcerning but it takes little to adapt.


I have it installed, but have yet to use it. Thinking about removing it until I have a good reason to use it.


Discord = 2018 Version of IRC


Slang for a cord being pointed at by somebody from the mob?

“You see dis cord right ear? It’s the one we’re gonna use to string ya up.”


:joy: Kinger wins! :joy:

Our squad uses DisCord as forums, chat and voIP. Works just fine.

Yes I know Mr. annoying automatic notice bot! - it is an old topic, however it is the most germane to my question…so shove off!

Sorry about that…anyway…

So I assume that if I want to try some MP, I need to get this up and running

  • On the PC that I am running DCS? Ot can I have it up on another system?
  • I will probably need to use the Rift-S audio, specifically the microphone - yes?
  • Since I’ll be in VR, that eliminates my ability to chat via text - problem?

Any other advice?