What we hearing? - Mudspike plays


Yeah…that is horrible… :frowning:


Using two lines from his lyrics…

“Jesus at the back door, everything is alright- all we need is some directions” - Set it Off


“Say hello to heaven” - Say hello 2 Heaven


Also on a Chris Cornell mood this morning.


It’s frustrating to me more than anything. :angry:


I have been a deadhead for the last 38 years so I won’t be a major contributor to this thread with all your new fangled noise. However you may be interested to watch this. It premiers in the states at selected cinema’s and is then available on Amazon from June 2nd.



As a deadhead, curious how you feel about this.


I look forward to watching this thanks :sunny:




Blackthorn, An all female symphonic/death metal band from Russia


I loves me some smooth jazz so Norah Jones just scored another fan today with this beautiful arrangement of Black Hole Sun …


For some reason Almost Cut My Hair by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young has been stuck in my head…


I can never change the station if I come across this song…it just has the cleanest, crispest, high quality audio “sound” of any CD I’ve ever heard. Some say Rage Against the Machine’s debut album represents the pinnacle of audio recording/mixing, but damn if Dire Straits didn’t get it right earlier…

(Sorry if it was mentioned earlier in this thread…)


Knopfler represents the best that rock guitar will ever be.


Jerry Cantrell proving that it is possible to sing harmony with anyone.


Keep on Ramblin’ Gregg Allman! :confused:




Learned on the drums too!