What we hearing? - Mudspike plays


Take this @TheAlmightySnark ! :smiley:


ooh im a sucker for cake :wink:


I’ve been working through some issues and trying to grow up a bit in prep for this girl :heart_eyes:
And so my music has been rather on tools extensive psychological songs

I’ve realized I need to change and recalling all of the times I have died
And will die. It’s all right.

I’ve been crawling on my belly, clearing out what could have been.
I’ve been wallowing in my own confused and insecure delusions.
For a piece to cross me over or a word to guide me inn.
And so my shadow moves closer to me now.

Over-thinking and over-analyzing, separates the body from the mind
and I need to live in the now

And realizing I need to sacrifice to keep my center.
Silence legion, save your poison.


There, be amazed…


That’s so amazingly impressive and very difficult to do :astonished:


And arousing too! I’ll alwyas be a sucker that type of voice… :blush:


Recent rediscovered Oh Wonder

And that they have some new music out too



Blame my daughter for liking this song.


Linkin Park coming to Charlotte August 17…! (I keep wishing one day I’ll catch one of these concerts and Jay Z will make a surprise appearance to do Collision Course…)


Ah man, I love bleed it out. Fantastic song!

Listened to this one a lot back in the days:


Wait, what??? How did I miss that!?!?!?


Machine Gun Kelly is the opener…I’m not familiar enough with his music to form an opinion…but the previous two times I saw LP they had Incubus and Thirty Seconds to Mars opening…and both were fantastic. MGK is an up and comer…


Eh… Not really a fan of his, especially considering the “artists” he chooses to collaborate with. There are much much better local hip-hop artists across the state who would be better openers (see also: G. Yamazawa)


My favorite Beach Boys rip-off… :sunglasses:



Because Thursday night is Latin Dance Night:


Hah! We’re hearing it all the time where I am. My daughter hates it, LOL!


Then they’ll be playing this one too…I sing it and I don’t even know what the words mean…


Damn that was incredible…