What we hearing? - Mudspike plays


RIP Prodigy:


“I mean you could, like, bleed to death in four hours but…”


Listening to some Garth Brooks and flying the P-51 over Normandy.


@fearlessfrog made me think of this one with his latest thread:


Been on a serious Rag n Bone Man binge this week. If not familiar, get familiar. He is amazing. Truly.

Johnny Cash would be proud of this one. At least at the start. Really good.


I’m on a Ben Folds kick today.

And I’ve always loved Regina Spektor:

And of course I’ve been in love with Kesha for a long while:


Just hearing a new Foo Fighters song Sunday Rain with Hawkins on vocals … this band is an unstoppable force of ROCK! …



Regina Spektor is SO cute and sweet!


I’m not a huge Ben Folds (Five) fan but I heard this today … pretty entertaining and talented guy! …

and the next Artistic Advisor to the National Symphony Orchestra to boot!


Oh boy, I’m already starting to drink to Canada Day 150 coming up this July 1st! :grin:


I’ll be posting one great Canadian song per night until July 1st! Wooohooo! If anyone wants to chip in, more power to ya eh!


Heard it last night in a restaurant here in Bogota, thought it was a catchy tune, looked up by lyrics, leaving it here. That’s all…

PS: Of course, the video had me LOL’ing, though the concept isn’t new…


Oh, I remember really liking that video back when it came out! And of course Beastie Boys are always awesome - that one takes me back to high school.


Here’s my Monday countdown to Canada Day 150 installment … a Joni Mitchell classic! …


Alright, props to @near_blind for discovering this, but, apparently it’s a youtube meme to put groovy vaporwave music to awesome old-school footage of fighter ops. Slick!


*giggle *

You said Figther Ops in a sim forum.
Heh… :wink:

  1. Discovered isn’t really the right word, These were pretty popular back around new years, was just re-listening to them.

  2. You forgot the best two


Listening to some good old stuff (I hope the vids work I can’t check from here):


LOL! You got me there, I thought Garth Brooks might have been a singer from the '40s that you were using to heighten your “immersion”!

Not a bad idea, though. I’d use these, for example. They have a sort of sleazy speakeasy quality that some “then retro” P-51 pilot might have liked because of his father’s stories of the Prohibition (or something, I dunno) :slightly_smiling_face:




Movie is MEH! (yes all caps) but the O.S.T. is second to none…