What we hearing? - Mudspike plays








Hans Zimmer Rulez.

Bonus joke: There’s always ROOM for ZIMMER in my playlists… Got it?




This is Kesha singing a song her mother wrote, with the woman who took it to number one on the country charts.

And yes, I bought tickets to see her on tour in a couple of months.


Noooo! Legendary recording studio “Le Studio” destroyed by fire! …

It hadn’t been used since 2008 though so I guess “It’s better to burn out than to fade away” as Neil Young once said. :wink:


God I’ve loved this song since I was 17 (preferably in German) …


well, everyone has their faults… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


LOL! No love for Nena around here? :frowning: :wink:


I have to admit I really liked this recent version



Wellll … I had my Bluetooth speaker going while I was sealing my driveway today and I dropped your Kaleida tune. My “youngish” neighbors across the street were just arriving home and it literally stopped them in their tracks LOL!

I’d never even spoken to them before but there they were staring at me …

Me (pocketing my phone and surprised they’re both staring at me): “Oh, hi!”

Them: “Driveway’s lookin’ good!”

Me: “Thanks!”

Soooo … now I’m wondering, do they think I’m cool or maybe just a creepy 50 year old German bastage? :grin:


Spent the morning in my other hobby room, building a Tucano T.1 along to my fave LP of all time (along with a bundle of other Floyd albums…) played through a Marshall AS50 amp…

btw - it’s also what I listen to when I’m supercruising around the galaxy in Elite: D


Very definitely NSFW Lyrics


New album out today from KMFDM. Goth High School me is very excited about this.