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its not really about money as it is strength to admit you have a problem and seek out the help.

Lead a horse to water, but cant make him drink.

Case in Point, My brother (who was also a lead singer in a band for at least 10 years), went on a downward spiral after my father died a few years back.

He started doing some OTC Drugs and Drinking alot, about a month and a half ago he tried to commit suicide, and failed, and was put in a rehab facility and placed on suicide watch for 14 days (no phone, no nothing).

We had already been keeping an eye on him, but he felt he couldn’t come to family or even his band mates to talk about stuff.

So now he is in therapy, seeking counseling, and a bunch of other stuff.

Point is, whatever he was dealing with in his head, he felt he couldnt even seek help from his own family.


Agreed, and I’ll add that the two are not mutually exclusive.
I listen carelessly to Marilyn Manson, Beethoven, Pikotaro, WHAM! and whatever the hell I want.
And I’m very careful to explain my kids that personal taste in art is not for debate; rather can be food for a respectful discussion and sharing.


Yeah I know it is hard. I also had a case like that in the family. Maybe two, we don’t exactly know about the other since the only person we could ask is dead.
I strongly believe that every person can be strong enough to tackle such problems. Some need help and some need more help.
Most of those people know there is something wrong while they can still make decisions.
Being a father should help you to make the decision to get help, if you care for your children.

Of course I don’t know about everyone on the planet. But I am VERY hesitant to accept “I couldn’t” as an answer.


Sorry for the guy’s family / children, no matter how much they might have in the bank.

Never payed much attention to Linkin Park, myself. Heard a few songs from their first album and figured them to be on the doom band wagon (of course, I could be wrong, as I never listened to any more). I had already upon me the forced introduction to the eternally unsurpassed doom, depression and desperation hypothesis bands, in college in the UK. I mean SWANS, World of Skin, Body Lovers, and Angels of Light (all associated, different names for the same thing). I’m not posting them. I’m not listening to them again. I’m not ever going back near the people who tried to make them a philosophy of life to sink themselves deliberately further into mediocrity just because they believed their surroundings and environment were irretrievably mediocre.

You preach too much of that stuff to yourself, there are the results. His choice, as far as the Linkin Park band member, and I’ll go as far as respecting that. OK?


As for suicide because of music (or at any rate, some song being the last straw conducive to the act)? Think it has been going for a long time.

And Billie Holiday’s take on it…


+1 :clap:


His 6 Children plus the 3 Children he was godfather too.


I was going through the worst stretch of my life when In The End came out. Within a few months of each other my marriage dissolved and my Mother died in an automobile accident.

Man that song.

I don’t have the energy or the inclination to hate on someone for the choices they make.
I am sad to find out someone whose talent affected me so strongly is gone.


I know this from personal experience. This suicide has unlikely been something that happened in the moment. Calling him selfish is, rather missing how these people get to the point where suicide is an acceptable solution.

I could write quite a bit about it but I doubt this is a good place for it. And I can also understand why people do not see it that way.

@BeachAV8R I think you’ve been talking about that concert for a while already, when I heard the news in the car yesterday I thought “did Beach seem them already?”.


We have tickets to see them on August 17th here in Charlotte. They were through last year with Thirty Seconds to Mars…an opener that was surprisingly good. We also went to see Korn last year and I swore I wouldn’t go back to PNC Pavilion to see another band because that show’s acoustics seemed horrible. But when your favorite band is coming to town (Linkin Park)…you just go see em’ no matter what.

We also saw them quite a few years back in Colorado after we had gone camping and hiked up two 14-ers (Torreys and Grays Peaks). Their show in Denver was simply awesome…the weather was perfect and the sunset was gorgeous and there was some lighting popping way off in the mountains…and Incubus opened for them, which was awesome in itself.

Pic from that concert taken by the newspaper:

I get that people don’t get mental health issues and everyone is entitled to their opinion on it. Personally, I’m just sad that people reach that point. I don’t care if you are a soldier that saw something that led to PTSD or a musician that was abused as a child or just a regular Joe that has some chemicals missing from your brain…mental health issues are tough for the people that have them, tough for their family members, tough for their friends…and in this case, tough for an even wider audience.


American Tour Dates have all been cancelled.


I figured as much. I was almost hoping they might have some guest lead singers fill in or something…I’d still go to show my support and help the group get through it. Totally understandable though.

Just received my e-mail from Live Events…

“We are incredibly saddened to hear about the passing of Chester Bennington. The Linkin Park One More Light North American Tour has been canceled and refunds are available at point of purchase. Our thoughts go out to all those affected.”


Sadly, in my experience, it seems that those with incredible talent are often the ones so troubled with their own minds and souls; almost as if the talent is someone else trying to break free. I’m not a fan of Linkin Park, but this recent episode just goes to show that no matter how much we can achieve in our lives, sometimes it’s just not enough.

Anyways, since I’ve been playing Dishonored 2 a lot:


Just finished this faens amazing game series (for now, third on the way) and the ending credits are just amazing


Was never into this stuff until the legendary STALKER mod…

Oh yeah!


Friend is moving and called his leaving party “Burning down the house” :smiley:


Love these live session videos.

@near_blind gets it.


With six years as a tenor saxophonist under my belt I’m well aware I’m biased, but Matt Douglas breaking it down might be my favorite part of this session.

Also not much beats Sylvan Esso deconstructed and remade by way of San Fermin.


On an older note :slight_smile: one of my favorite Rolling Stones songs “Paint It Black” was released the year I was born! Pretty crazy how Mick Jagger still sounds great! He posted these a couple days ago …


One more thing … I wish we could somehow eradicate the “hardwired to self destruct” gene … worst gene of all.


Chill time…