What we hearing? - Mudspike plays


Current earworm:


Seeing her Saturday.


Because GotG Vol 2 reminded me what a great one this was…


Ok this might be a bit offensive for people right now but I really listened to this a few hours ago and it has been stuck in my head ever since:


Why offensive?


Because at least several dozen people were killed by a hurricane this week.


Oooooooooh. Dang. Didn’t think about that…


I still have to boil water at home. :frowning:

At least the water did come back, as did the power, after a day. The only thing worse than a cold shower is no shower at all. No water to fill the toilets is even worse.


Chin up, all of this will pass too. :wink: :+1:




I really love Mr. Harrison Music sense…



Dang…this sounds unbelievable live…


It’s been one of those days.


Cannot like that one enough. One of my favourite songs, just brilliant.


New Illenium, pretty much digging everything I’ve heard from the upcoming album.

@Navynuke99 pats you on the shoulder


Good call Beach … beautiful rendition there … “Wish You Were Here” might be my all time favorite song … I go into full “Desperado” mode when it comes on the radio. :grin: Fun song to sing (alone) in the car.



Maybe, just maybe, I’m repetitive but hear this version…


The Concert for George was brilliant but overshadowed by the post-9/11 hysteria that dominated the airwaves for months.

Not all the covers were up to snuff, but the majority were and Clapton never misses a note.

As an aside, DAMN Dhani looked like George circa Please Please Me then!


Bloody hell, he did!
I looked online to make sure I wasn’t having visions- I was kind of "But but… HE’S THERE!"
There’s an interview of Dhani stating his father told him “You look more like me than I ever did”.
I found it sadly funny…

I was wondering how Sir McCartney thought wathcing Dhani playing…