What we hearing? - Mudspike plays


When you get put on blast to two different departments because another junior designer screwed you and didn’t tell anybody:




Holy Mother of All Intros! …

I grew up with this stuff since I was a young teenager …

0:00 Finding My Way (Rush)
1:05 Anthem (Fly By Night)
2:39 Bastille Day (Caress of Steel)
3:27 A Passage to Bangkok (2112)
4:38 Cygnus X-1 Book I: The Voyage (A Farewell to Kings)
5:50 Cygnus X-1 Book II: Hemispheres (Hemispheres)
6:34 The Spirit of Radio (Permanent Waves) (FULL SONG)

Come to think of it, I’m REALLY glad I had RUSH to listen to when I was a kid … they really got the adolescent
imagination flowing. :slight_smile:


Love that song…love Rush…BUT…there are some contenders for best intro:

But yeah…Rush is definitely tops in my book. In fact, they might have one of the best songs WITHOUT a real intro…it just gets right to business. Of course, the classic:


Actually…I forgot about this one too…the buildup to the Eagles Unplugged breaking into Hotel California has got to be one of the best examples of musical foreplay I’ve ever seen…


I’m just saying, the amount of masterful musicianship it took to pack SEVEN intros into one is mind boggling! Did you actually listen to what they did there? :grin:

Nice intro picks BTW.


Yeah…that is a great mashup…brings back a lot of memories to listening to my “mix tape” LOL…like people even know what that is these days! (I remember when I finally got a car stereo that could scan a tape to find the dead spots and automatically stop…LOL…)

I only saw Rush in concert once - in Norfolk, VA…and it was awesome.


PS - one of the coolest features of this forum software is that I can be listening to 11 minutes of Rush embedded in the thread, and it doesn’t cut off when I reply to messages. All hail Discourse! @fearlessfrog was forward thinking!


Which tour? I found my interest waning after the Signals tour. The Signals tour was ok but meh.

and YES Discourse ROCKS!


It was the Presto Tour…my first year of college (1989-1990) and it was actually Richmond, VA (as drunk as I was, I thought it was Norfolk…LOL…) Man, I’m getting old… That one year at Old Dominion was…err…interesting…


Too bad you didn’t get to see one of their early tours. IMO Rush was washed up after their 1982 album “Signals” … the last album that Terry Brown produced.


I’ve been on a Nothing but Thieves binge today. Also some Linkinn Park but I think that we’ve covered that sufficiently in this thread :wink:


Just to be partially fitting in- you made me think about Kidney Thieves!


I think the intro of Wish You Were Here is a definite contender. It’s quiet, but it’s no less impressive for it.

Another awesome quiet intro is In the Air Tonight. Drum machine…guitar riff…synthesizers…more guitar…finally vocals.

Oh, honorable mention for Joe Walsh’s Life’s Been Good intro. :slight_smile:


Revisiting the greatest band to ever come out of Canada:



Pfffft … Them’s fightin’ words!

They’re even from my neighborhood and I’ve never liked them. :grinning:

Where the heck did you hear about Moxy Fruvous?


I was a band and chorus nerd in high school, during the years they were at peak popularity. Heard about them via word of mouth, about the same time I learned about They Might Be Giants and Violent Femmes. Buddy of mine from high school was in the big a capella group at his college, and he led an amazing version of King of Spain his sophomore year, complete with Riverdancing.



Ah, that song should be in Game of Thrones.