What we hearing? - Mudspike plays



At the beginning I was like…

and at the end I was like…




Still pretty neat.
I’m just not convinced it was actually him playing the guitar.

His hands didn’t actually look like he was fretting at all.


Meanwhile, to one-up @Gunnyhighway’s post about manliness, I present a few selections from my current Hornet Flying Playlist (because this apparently models the Hornet circa 2005).

I apologize for nothing.



While I endorse Gorillaz, and frankly have liked most of what Damon Albarn has done in his various groups over the past decades, I must however observe the inclusion of Fall Out Boy and declare


For some things, there can be no forgiveness, only attempts to forget…but I find I cannot…


2016 Fall Out Boy is very, very different from 2005 Fall Out Boy, and we were different people then. I mean, if the target timeframe was 2001, I’d probably be posting Limp Bizkit to go alongside the Linkin Park, Disturbed, and Papa Roach. Just saying. :wink:

And for the record I don’t think anybody can EVER forgive Patrick Stump for what he tried to do to the Ghostbusters theme.

Huh. The MCR video didn’t post. I was figuring that one would garner more of the comments…


Wow, 25 years since the release of Siamese Dream! (god I loved that album)

Anyone catching The Smashing Pumpkins Shiny And Oh So Bright Tour?


I can’t believe how crappy Genesis sounded with Peter Gabriel on lead.

Just sayin’. (watching a documentary)

What planet did Peter Gabriel ever exist on?


Dude, have some respect, the guy had enormous impact on the industry and a career that spans several decades.


Todays’ mood


I have to agree, Peter Gabriel is easily on the of the most talented artists I’ve ever heard.
Granted, different folks have different taste but dissing like that…


The live recordings in the Gabriel era were not nearly as good as the studio recordings.
Listen to some of Selling England by the Pound, the album, first.



The number of bands that list Gabriel era Genesis as a major influence is staggering.


Apologies if already posted, but was remembering this one from Tales from the Borderlands


I was into Jungle before it was cool

But seriously, if you haven’t checked out that full album, go do so. It’s solid the whole way through.


I guess that diss was off the charts ignorant. Sorry Peter Gabriel fans. At 51 years old I thought I’d be old enough that Peter Gabriel would have had some sort of impact on my musical history but I got nothin’. I guess you have to shock the monkey every now and again. :wink:




This video alone made a HUGE impact on the industry as well as pop culture. The late 80s saw Gabriel, Collins, and Genesis all have separate huge success. So, No Jacket Required, and Invisible Touch were a trio of landmark albums released in a span of just 2 years (85-86).

Beyond that, while his Genesis era work never reached massive levels of success (that didn’t come until Duke in 1980, really, the 4th post-Gabriel album, their 70s work was good but never mainstream), he shaped what the band would become.


Um, ya, no comment on that Sledgehammer video. :slight_smile:

Hey, have you ever had a day where there’s something in the way?

Sums up my day big time plus my Wreckfest endeavors. :smiley: